Monday, March 30, 2009

Nail Polish Stash

So it took me a while, but I finally figured out how to add an email subscription there it the right of here. Today I have pictures of my nail polish stash for you. I didn't label them, but if you want them labeled, or just have a question about what a specific polish is, I'd be happy to answer your question. Also, the font I used to label my pictures has changed. If you find this is hard to read, please let me know (I guess it doesn't matter for this post though) The polishes are, for the mst part, sorted by brand and color.
Here they are in their drawer...the China Glaze and Misa boxes are empty..the Zoya boxes have polishes in them: OPIs..I'm missing Russian Navy
Sets of mini polishes...I really like these because I don't use a single color too often
extra minis
China Glaze:

Mini China glazes


Mini ORLYs
Finger Paints

Nfu Oh polishes..these are Korean polishes I got off for $12.50. They're only about $7 in Korea though, so if you have a friend who's in Korea or going to Korea..ask them to get these for you..they're very unique and pretty.

Zoyas. This is by far my favorite brand of polishes. Right now Zoya is doing a "polish exchange" where you send in your old, unwanted, or empty polishes and they'll send you new Zoya polishes for a Shipping and Handling charge of $3 may seem gimicky, but they'll dispose of your polishes properly for you. The exchange site is

Color Club and Misa
LA Colors Art Deco and Nabi

MAC and CHANEL. I'm not a huge fan of MAC polishes, but I liked these colors.
Sinful Colors and Claires

Konad and Misc


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  2. Damn you! Thanks for infecting my brain with an unfulfillable lust for Nfu-Ohs! I was blissfully ignorant before and there's almost no chance I have a friend going to Korea.

    Also I'm dying to know the shade names of your China Glaze holos.