Sunday, February 22, 2015

Armani Eye Tint #5 Onyx and it's cheaper cousins

Lancome Erika F, Loreal infallible Gilded Envy ($4.88 on clearance at Target), GA eye tint 5 Onyx ($38), Shu ME Olive 471($15), Lancome All that Glitters ($20)

 Armani recently released a new lineup of cream/liquid eyeshadows called eye tints ($38) that are full of lovely sparkle and goodness. A good friend of mine, after watching me play with them at the counter, gifted me with #5 Onyx, and #9 Cold Copper.
Onyx is the top of the 2 eye tints

However, I had a sneaking suspicion that I already owned very similar shades, and it turns out I was right.
Interestingly enough, all of these shades are produced by brands owned by the L'oreal group. Of these shades, the closest are Loeral Gilded Envy, which is just a hair darker and more brown, with nearly identical sparkle, and Shu Uemura ME Olive 471, which is close to the same depth, but without the sparkle and less green tones:


The eye tint itself is beautiful, with a slight cooling sensation and smooth texture. It is fairly easy to blend, and once dry, it stays in place fairly well. Unfortunately, or maybe it's fortunately for me, I appear to be allergic to the formula. It made my arm itch slightly, and when applied to my lids, caused burning sensations and redness upon removal after just a few minutes. For this reason, I will not be trying #9, and will be taking both shadows back to the store.