Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol II

So I've had BOS2 since a couple days after it first popped up on UD's website, but just never really got around to swatching it. Now that it's finally on Sephora's website, I decided to do so. Book of Shadows II is much nicer than it's predecessor. First off, it only has TWO shadows that contain glitter in them ( Gunmetal and Midnight Cowboy Rides Again). The second part is that it's a far more versatile palette than the first. In my opinion, the colors in this palette coordinate a lot nicer than the first as well. Also, unlike the 1st, it contains 2 mini 24/7 eyeliners instead of those dinky ass brushes the first one came with.

There are 16 shades of eyeshadow in this palette, several of which are exclusive to this palette.
Perversion- not quite black, this shadow has kind of a satin finish to it and is the one somewhat chalky shade in the palette. I also find myself wishing they'd put in a less boring color in this palette since there's already 2 liners in the palette.
Gunmetal- one of the 2 shades that has glitter in it. I'm not sure if you can tell from the swatch below, but I think if you stare at the picture of the palette itself you can kinda see the glitter sparking. There isn't a whole lot of glitter in this though so it's still not as bad as BOS1.
Ecstacy- lilacy purple
AC/DC- a deeper cool toned purple than ecstacy
Nylon- to me, this is a shimmery taupey gold
Sellout- shimmery beige
Mushroom-taupey grey, though this looks more taupey in the pan. This shade is exclusive to this palette and I think is nearly identical in color to UD's cream shadow with the same name. It's also similar to BB Stone, but is more shimmery
Sphinx- cool toned pink
Half Baked- Bronzey gold
Twice baked- dark brown
Midnight Cowboy- shimmery Champagne with TONS of glitter
YDK-warm Taupe

Jinx- shimmering mid toned blue
Flipside-shimmering aqua.
Homegrown-shimmery light green. This one's one of my favorites in this palette
Misdemeanor-Satiny greyed green.

UD 24/7 pencils:
In theory, these are a great idea to put in a palette, but unfortunately, these products were not winners for me, even over UDPP
Zero- Black eyeliner. This one's not a true black and smudgy as all hell. By the end of the day I looked like I'd been punched
Bourbon-warm brown.