Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tarte Treasure Chest

This was an old post that I created and apparently never hit post on...I don't own this palette anymore, but thought I'd post it now anyways
So I have to admit with a certain degree of difficulty that I've fallen pretty far behind on swatching..the problem being that I'm pretty much not awake during the day anymore except at odd hours like this where the sun really hasn't risen out of the sky yet...so I've made you guys promises I have yet to keep...the last big thing I swatched was the Tarte Treasure chest close to a month ago and just let sit for a while as laziness overtook me...my bad, and my apologies...
Anyways, today's topic is one of the more decent sets this holiday, the Tarte Treasure Chest. This baby retails for $52 at Sephora and unlike Tarte's more recent palettes and last year's failure of a holiday palette, the quality's actually pretty good (Though I will admit that the blushes in last year's holiday palette were so nice I almost kept the darned thing just for those) This year's palette is also a lot bigger than last years; with 32 full sized eyeshadows instead of 16.
The palette comes in bejeweled casing that imo, is somewhat cute, but in a tacky way. (I find it kinda festive...it reminds me of Christmas tree ornaments) There's unfortunately a near fatal flaw to this packaging; if you tilt this forward at all, the "drawer" like design of the palette sends the lipgloss and cheek color layers flying out at you at a somewhat alarming speed. Luckily, this palette has some redeeming qualities, so it missed getting the axe. Nevertheless, this is definitely not a travel friendly palette.

Here's the palette all opened up...it's certainly a lot of makeup in one go...
There are two layers of eyeshadows in this palette. The top layer contains the more colorful, shimmery shades. I swatched these in columns this time. Pictures were taken in warm indoor lighting. All shades were fairly soft and buttery.
column 1 contains a shimmery, slightly bronzy gold, a brown with gold shimmer, a peachy pink with gold shimmer, and a dark taupey color with gold shimmer.
column 2 contains a warm brown with gold shimmer, a shimmer gold, a light, frosty peachy pink, and a lightish purple with gold shimmer

The Adventures of a Projectile Pig

Last summer, a coworker and I went to an amusement park, where he won and gave me one of the little pig plushies from the angry Birds game. We very quickly realized that this toy made a very useful projectile and started using it to get each other's attention when needed. On certain occasions, I've taken to keeping him in my extra office supplies drawer to keep him from being bounced off my head when I need to concentrate:

He's also been pignapped on several occasions, which usually came with ransom notes or threats of some sort being forwarded to me in some way, shape, or form:

 Anyways, after the last time I used him as a projectile, he was confiscated from me. I came back from lunch today to see this placed on my desk:
These were the pics (and captions) that were on the USB:
Caged Pig

Cagey Close Up


In a bush

Lens Flare Baby

On da roof

Pool Party

Stuck in Traffic
Poor Mr. Pig. This doesn't really seem like much of a vacation to me...so I'd like to send him somewhere else. I'm hoping he'll get passed around a bit and get some pictures taken of him in more interesting places, with him (hopefully) eventually making it home. Any takers?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Updated Blog sale and ISO

1. If you are interested in anything, please contact me via MUA as LethalLemondrop (formerly eternalstarangel) or via email at eternalstarangel (At) gmail (dot) com. I check my MUA mail more than my email, it's my preferred method of contact. Please put 'Blog Sale' in as the subject line when contacting me. (Things also have a way of getting lost among newsletters and such that I receive as well) Please don't leave a comment, I'm less likely to respond.
2. Shipping is $3 to all US addresses. This includes Delivery Confirmation. Please add $0.50 for each additional item. Nail polish will be shipped based on weight. Please contact me for an estimate. Any international buyers should contact me for postage (based on weight)
4. I would appreciate it if you could send payments as gifts so that fees were not taken out. Payment for any orders $10 and under (before shipping) must be sent via PayPal as a 'gift'. If you are uncomfortable sending payment as a gift, I would appreciate it if you could cover the Paypal fees, but it it not always necessary if your order is over $10. Orders are on a first come, first serve basis. Anything not paid for within 24 hours is up for grabs again. (unless otherwise discussed)
5. Feel free to haggle.

I will buy or swap generously for the following items:
Suqqu 07 quad  Komorebi
Suqqu Ex-06 quad Usuchaori
Suqqu Ex-13 quad Ginusudama
Bite High Pigment Pencil in Scarlet
RBR Gracious Arasari
Shu ME Silver 945
Please Try me on other suqqu quads as well!

Other things I am willing to swap away for my ISOs: (not pictured):
BNIB Guerlain Gigolo
BNIB Chanel Kaska Beige
 Urban Decay Original Vice Palette Light usage, very rare- $100
Urban Decay Book of shadows II- $55

 SIB Dior All-over Makeup palette Collection Voyage-$45
 SIB Earth Angel-$20
SIB Indian Song-$20

SIB Dior Expert Travel Studio-$45 mascara, lip liner, and eyeliner are all new.

 Cargo mega palette $100 shipped (to us addresses) OBO
 Model Co Cheek and Lips tint- $3
 BN 50 mL Nuxe Mask Creme Fraiche- $10 (I beat up the box by accident) Exp: 10/2016
 BN Sephora Professional #40 Powder brush- $15
BN Sephora Professional #59 Natural Domed Powder brush- $15
 BNIB Sephora Brow brush- $3
 Smashbox Cream liner brush LE Red Glitter handle- $5
Sonia Kashuk Duo Fiber brush- $5
Urban Decay Powder brush (synthetic)- $15
 BNIB Rock and Republic eye definer brush-$15

 Marquise'd- $10
Lancome Wannabe- $3
Clinique Mightiest Maraschino 2x-$3
BNIB MAC She loves Candy- $20
 SIB-Dior Cannage palette-$45
 Canmake Cream Cheeks -$6 each
03, 06, 08, 12
 Shu p Yellow Elation-$8

 BN BITE Cuvee lipstick in Blanc-$20
BITE Cuvee lipstick in Blush, used 1x-$17

BNIB TIGI Glow Blush in Brilliance-$6

 BNIB Urban Decay Knee-high- $6

 NARS Voyage- used 1x- $14

 Shiseido Testers:
Tangerine, used 1x-$5
Eyebrow and eyeliner BL1-BN $6
 Urban Decay Powder Blush Fetish-used 1x-$15
Urban Decay Powder Blush Quickie-used 2x-$15

 Estee Lauder palette-usage as shown-$20
 Laura Mercier Stickgloss Tiger lily-$10
Laura Mercier Stickgloss Rosewater-$10
Chanel Extatique- used 3x-$20

 Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip and Cheek Stain-swatched 1x-SOLD
ORFA Universal Brow pencil-BN, but I smushed the tip opening it-$1

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
Shade 23-SOLD
BNIB Shade 31 (tube shown is shade 23, 31 is in its box)-$10

 Smashbox Rapture Ultimate Beauty Palette-most shades unused-$25

 Tarte A-list palette-eyeliner is new, glosses have been used, eyeshadows used maybe 3-4x.-$15

 YSL Dessin Du Regard eye pencil used 1x-$5
MAC Lilacky Powerpoint used 1x-$7
Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Teal-sharpened 1x-$3
Besame eyeliner in Khol/Beige used 2x-$8

 SIB MAC Charred-used 1x-$8
 NARS Dream Lover-used 2x, green shade used damp on 1 side, gray shade has small chip-$13

WnW blushes-$2 each
All over Shimmer, Mellow Wine, Heather Silk

China Glaze Polishes

Crocodile Lounge-vintage bottle..used for 2 manis, vintage bottle; a good deal of evaporation has happened-$2
Platinum Silver-swatched on 1 nail-$2
Chroma-Toes- RIS, bottle print has worn off in most places, not used by me..Looks like it was used 1-2x-$1
Fairy Dust-used for a couple manis- sold

 Sally's Beauty Exclusives: all BN $6 each
High Def
Mega Bite
Digital Dawn
Laser Lime

Intant Chemistry-BN-$3
Pull me Close-BN-$3
Cling On-BN-$3
You Move Me-BN-$3
Drawn to You-used for 1 mani-$2

Zoya Polishes

 Manon-used for 1 mani-SOLD
Juno-used for 1 mani-$2
Areetha-used for 1 mani-$2
Marry-used for 1 mani-$2

Tangy-swatched on 1 nail-$2
Salma-swatched on 1 hand-$2
Laney-used for 1 mani-$2
Shay-mini-used for 1 mani-SOLD

Nubar Polishes

 Love Rainbow-used for 1 mani-$3
Gold Leaf-used for 1 mani-$3
Flaming Veil-used for 1 mani-$3
Brilliant-used for 1 mani-$3

Orly Polishes

 Rock The World-BN-$3
Oui-used for 1 mani-SOLD
Sweet Peacock-used for 1 mani-$2

Color Club Polishes-$1 each or Get 1 free with $30 purchase

Feel The Beat-swatched on 1 nail, from a Ross set..no real label (self made)-sold
I believe in Amour-swatched on 1 nail
Oh Naturale-swatched on 1 nail
Best Dressed List-swatched on 1 nail
Who Are You Wearing?-swatched on 1 nail
Pardon My French-swatched on 1 nail