Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Benefit Spring 2009 Creaseless Cream eyeshadows

The second part of my mall swatching experience involved heading into Sephora. The SAs there told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the store, so no product photos. (I'm not sure what the problem is really..it's not like I'm stealing) Either way, I decided to just swatch these today since there were 2 SAs hovering over me while I was in the store, which made me a little uncomfortable. They didn't ask me if I needed help, just kind of sneered at me. As such, I'll probably keep swatching trips to Sephora down to a minimum (though the SAs at this Sephora have always been particularly snarky) I will probably be eventually swatching Josie Maran stuff since it's not readily available in a lot of places (luckily I own about 1/2 the perm colors of e/s already so I can do that at home.) Anyways...here's the 3 limited edition cream shadows Benefit put out this year, applied kind of heavily for swatching, though it didn't come out quite as pigmented as it was rl. Sippin' n dippin' is a peach and gold duochrome. It looks a bit odd in the pot, but it's kind of pretty on. Samba-dy loves me is kind of a weird color to describe for me, maybe a milkyish slightly warm brown?, it mostly just boils down to a nice satiny slightly warm neutral shade. Flyin' down to fits it's description..it's a soft orchid color. The picture was taken in cool lighting and then color adjusted a bit so the temperature of the picture may be a bit off.


  1. i used to love this and shiseido HP but eventually i realized that i am not a cream e/s person so i put mine on swap (but NO ONE wanted them!) i removed them from my list and still keep these till now. (still haven't touched them though!)

    they are the best amoung the cream e/s IMO. i just don't use them. not sure why...

    gosh, i gotta go see the new ones to see if they will want me to wear cream e/s again. can you believe i rather use pigments wet instead of cream e/s? makes no sense but it's the truth!

  2. Hey I haven't seen Flyin' Down To! I have the other two colours which is what Sephora is showcasing in-stores in Toronto now. Damn I like that Flyin' Down To - I wonder if they have it here.