Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheap thrills- Sleek Gel Liners

My favorite type of eyeliner is the gel eyeliner, which is why I jumped at the chance when a sweet MUAer offered to CP me these Sleek gel eyeliners from the UK (it's a drugstore brand there) These babies retailed at less than £4 each (about $5) and come in 10 Shades:
- Dominatrix (black)
- Espresso (dark brown)
- Pumpkin (gold)
- Zest (yellow)
- Stone Cold (blue-gray)
- Purple Rain (purple)
- Glacier (white)
- Smitten (light pink)
- Denin (dark blue)
- Wave (light aqua/green)
I chose Stone cold, Denim and Wave to test out. These gel liners are waterproof and are on the drier side, though I adjusted the consistency with some eye drops (see my reviving gel liner tutorial) so that they were wetter and easier to work with. Unlike most gel liners, these have a somewhat unique texture to them.. they're still smudgy when dry..which makes them behave somewhat like a pencil liner for me. (They were like this before the eye drops as the eye drops weren't responsible for this behavior)

Swatches under warm indoor lighting. Stone Cold is more blue on the lids and is a greyish blue...very unique and pretty.
Denim is a shimmery navy blue
Wave is a bright green, and is very pretty on.