Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clinique Brush-on Cream Liners

First off, thanks so much to those of you who read my blog. It's a great feeling to log on and see comments on my blog posts. (I really have no idea anyone's reading otherwise) I've been distracted by a new obsession lately (nail polish) and have completely wrecked my sleep schedule (evident from the fact that I'm posting at 5:19 AM I suppose) so I haven't really been swatching anything. Lucky for me I have a bunch of "back swatches" so today I'll be posting about Clinique's awesome cream liners.

Clinique's Cream liners have an excellent texture. They're much softer and fluid-like than Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Gel Liners and MAC's fluidlines. Additionally, they wear without smudging and are waterproof, which is a big must for me when it comes to liners. They retail for $14.50 and come in these itty bitty pots with a small brush that's kinda useless as a lining brush (though you might be able to use it for applying shadow to the lower lid? I have to hear back from cookie1234 about that idea though) I only own two of these babies because I already own BB's Black ink liner (and therefore don't REALLY need another black gel liner) and BB's Bronze Shimmer Ink is identical in color to Clinique's. Additionally, I tend to be a little iffy on brown liners for some reason and Black Honey shows up VERY red on my here's the two I DO own:

Smoke Grey is kinda a beautiful grey taupe in the pot, but most of the taupeyness just dissapears on me once on the skin. Nevertheless, it's still a beautiful, unique smokey grey that makes me love it so. I'm not really sure why I decided to swatch this on the back of my hand's kind of a bad swatching place?
The second one I own is the much lusted after Egyptian. This liner is gorgeous and a must have for me as it is a very unique and complex color. It's a blackened bronze, possibly with a hint of grey taupe that is just all around gorgeous and I can't live without. I have a backup of this baby and I kind of wish gel liners had a longer shelf life so I could have gotten more. Either way, it's gorgeous and you should get this if you can. I was lucky enough to score this for cheap from CCO.

So long, poorly written post short, go buy yourself some Clinique cream liners. They are probably my favorite gel liners I've tried and are worth the money if you want to try a gel liner.


  1. Wish we had a CCO around here. Great to see a new post. Can you add an email subscription box so I can get updates via email? Thanks

  2. Damn I was just at the Clinique counter last night! Too bad we don't have a CCO here but I am def. going to check out Egyptian.

  3. this is a beautiful colour. i may just try it out. have not tried that many gel liner. my most recently purchase was the Kate liner (back in December i think). not impressed as it's drying up fast. can't use that for tightlining either.

    so yeah, i will check this out for sure. thanks

  4. I added the Subscribe to that the same thing as email subscription? I'm still new to this whole thing...sorry if it's not the right thing ._.

  5. I just wanted to add that Clinique has a liner pencil in Egyptian available instead of the gel liner now.