Saturday, March 28, 2009

Computer Problems and things to come I've been having a mess of computer problems lately. My wireless card on my laptop either broke or my laptop is just wonky altogether and stopped reading it. I can still connect to the internet if I run downstairs and plug an ethernet cable in it, but a few of the keys on this thing are busted as well (which actually ended up voiding my warranty). As I don't have the money to fix it (it was like $200 estimate for the keyboard alone...I don't want to know what adding the cost of the wireless problem would be...either way it's more than it's worth) I'll buy a new computer eventually, but I don't want to do it until the new Windows OS comes out (I heard that they're scrapping Vista altogether because it has too many problems..which is a good thing since I hate it anyways.) Secondly, there aren't any imaging programs on this computer..though I did finally manage to locate my disc with my imaging programs on them, so hopefully they'll work on Windows Vista (it's old school stuff like Paint Shop pro 7..I have Adobe Photoshop CS too, but PSP7 is less complicated for simple stuff like resizing and labeling..which is all I seem to do lately.)
My desktop also finally succumbed to viruses..I was running IE6 and an extremely outdated version of AVG and Adaware...not a very good mix, but up until the last two weeks or so I had been relying wholly on my laptop due to its convenience and wireless. Trying to install Norton antivirus failed miserably, so it just got it's just a matter of reinstalling ALL of the drivers and software (Dell didn't give me any discs for this, so I'm attempting to do this on the worst USB wireless thing ever). Either way, it seems like it was due for a reformatting after years or so, it actually seemed to have fixed my problems with installing USB maybe I'll go get another USB card reader...I lost my old one to my house in Irvine..and never bothered looking for it since I couldn't use it. Either way, it will probably take a while to get everything back in working order, but once it is, I should be updating more, but who knows...frustration at my internet speed could very well win out over a working desktop... (it's VERY VERY slow...think dial-up speed) I might also switch out my monitor with my sister's to see if it fixes the color settings on my desktop as desktop has the most screwed up color settings ever..)

Edit: So I said that my desktop got reformatted, but really all that happened was that Windows got reinstalled, but all the partitions on my hard drive could not be wiped properly. As a result still "have" all of the programs installed on my computer, but I can't modify them or uninstall them, so they're sitting there as dead space on my computer...leaving me with only 30 gigs left..which is what I had before I "reformatted" Oddly enough, even though everything in my Documents folder was wiped (or at the very least I can no longer access it) it's still somehow taking up room on my computer...which sucks, sine it takes up at least 20 gigs of the space on my computer...which makes more sense to me than my SO's kind of BS explanation that you "lose space as time goes by due to too many overwrites" (Even if I'd been using my computer for like 5 years, there's no way that my hard drie would have gone to 80 gigs of space to 30 (though realistically, windows takes up like 10..but whatever))

The GOOD news is that it seems that PSP7 is compatible with Vista (it installed at any rate..though I haven't used it yet) so I should be able to update fairly soon..if only my wireless USB thing was also compatible with Vista... as such..I'll be adding a poll to the right of here...

Anyways, here are a few things that are coming up...let me know what order you want these in!

  • Stash photos--of both my makeup stash and nail polish stash (this will probably come first)
  • Closeup pics of all 21 of my JCs
  • swatches of my two new JCs, Turbulent (euro) and Caprice (Euro exclusive)
  • my Stila palette swatches (already swatched, needs sorting and labels)
  • my BB palette swatches
  • comparison of Chanel Vega and Chanel Safari
  • comparison of Smashbox Photo Finish eye primer to UDPP and Lumene eye base

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  1. Hey I hope things get sorted out for you! I am happy with whatever is easier for you to do, but if I had to choose, here are my two picks first:
    # comparison of Chanel Vega and Chanel Safari
    # comparison of Smashbox Photo Finish eye primer to UDPP and Lumene eye base