Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"High end" lines at Target--Pixi

So I was in Target last night picking up one of those Digital Converter boxes for my mom and hunting for the new purple peep (Sonia Kashuk blending sponge), which I didn't find. Determined to pick up SOMETHING, I wandered over to the Pixi display, where I picked up one of the eye palettes in Mod (retail $28), which appeared to be a nice palette of neutrals, and brought it home with me.
The product is encased in ugly green plastic (which I could forgive) and is fairly thin. There is a small mirror inside, and a rather useless looking double ended brush. My biggest pet peeve about this palette is that the pans are not glued in very well. The glue reminds me a bit of rubber cement, except that it stays much softer than rubber cement does, and the pans tend to wiggle a bit. The pans are easily pried out with a toothpick..so if you decide you hate the green plastic, you can easily depot them and put them into something else. Luckily, the colors inside are quite pretty and the quality seems decent. All 8 colors are soft and blendable. They are all pretty sheer, but quite easily built up on the lid. Edit: the color fades off after a couple of hours for me.
closeup of the eyeshadows inside.
The colors are as follows:
  • Sparkling white shade-just a bit intense for a brow highlighter in this palette, but it'd work
  • Very light peachy-pink-nude shade with slight shimmer. This color makes a good base shade on my eye
  • Satiny grey/silver shade.
  • Shimmery taupey brown.
  • Matte, light pinky taupe.
  • Taupe with a hint of purple to it and silver shimmer
  • Matte tan-taupe
  • Dark cool toned grey with silver shimmer
Here's another pic under lamp light to show off the finish of these shadows. The lighting is warm here.

Overall the palette is mediocre, and I probably would not buy this again. The colors are nice and the quality seems decent enough, but it leaves me with a feeling of "that wasn't worth it" If they dropped the price of this by $10 or so though..that'd be a different story. For what I paid for this, I expected better pigmentation and packaging that was less shoddy. Either way, it was worth a try.
EDIT: I've just been informed that pixi palettes are $11 on beautycrunch... If you liked these swatches, go get this there. (If only I'd known..lol)


  1. Not trying to blow your bubble...But I saw that beauty crunch have these palette (I believe all shades combo) for around 9 dollars per palette. (The shipping is around 7 bucks but at least it would be tax free if you are not in California...

  2. I nearly ask my friend to pick this palette up for me till I read your review on it - faded in few hours!!! Thank you so much for saving my $$$!

  3. and to Citrine: i was about to buy it from beautycrunch too! :)