Saturday, February 7, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin

After many long years, Urban Decay has come out with a colored version of their eyeshadow primer in the same color as their popular eyeshadow in Sin, a peachy champagne color. When it first came out as an Sephora Beauty Insider exclusive last month, it was $1 more than the original formula, but now that it has hit the shelves in retail locations, the original formula and the new primer in Sin both cost $17 pretax. The new primer comes in a bottle that is of the same size and general design as the original primer, but the bottle is in a deep champagne color with a gold lid instead of the regular light purple color and silver lid. (Unfortunate since I, like many others were really hoping Urban Decay would get around to changing its horrendous packaging). Both are shown below, with Sin being the bottle on the right.

The Sin primer potion as stated above, is a peachy champagne color. When you first pull the wand out of the tube, it appears to be a fairly metallic shade, but once spread out on the skin, it's less scary and the shimmer is much more wearable. To me, it seemed like it was a cream eyeshadow in an inconvenient tube with a wand more than anything else as it works almost exactly the same as a cream eyeshadow-the more you build it up, the better color you get. It's one of those products that are great if you're running late and need a quick wash of color under some eyeliner, though it really doesn't excite me much. It does keep my eyeliner in place at any rate. (that may not be the most difficult thing though since I wear gel eyeliners, which are waterproof and fairly budgeproof already) I tested one of my MAC pearlglide liners on it today though, and unfortunately, I'm not sure it kept it from fading...too bad. On the plus side, it did keep my eyeshadow from creasing, and I didn't feel that it made eyeshadow as difficult to blend as the original formulation. I don't feel like it has the same power as the original formula though.

Swatches done below on NW25 neutral skin under somewhat warm indoor lighting. The original formula dries clear/nude

As a test I also swatched a grey shadow on my arm over both the original formula and Sin PP. I feel like Sin made it a smidge warmer color wise, though I'm not completely sure it shows up here. Lighting is a bit cooler this time.

Overall, I'd say I like this product ok, but I probably will not be repurchasing it as the original primer potion works much better, is more versatile, and is the same price. Consequently, because the price of the regular primer potion has gone up again, this blogger may not be swatching eyeshadows on top of UDPP for a while or at least as often (at least until I have to pull out the stopper).

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