Friday, February 13, 2009


For those of you who are not familiar with Besame, Besame Cosmetics offers a small line of makeup inspired by the classic looks of the 1920's through the 1850's. The line is packaged in extremely cute, ornately decorated red and gold metal packaging and is a really cute addition to any woman's stash. Here's an example of the packaging:
The line offers 6 shades of eyeshadow in flattering, easy to wear shades, each in its own tiny gold mirrored compact. The eyeshadows are soft, buttery, and decently pigmented, although the compact itself is somewhat difficult to open.

Shimmer Beige- a creamy white beige shade that makes an excellent brow highlighting shade
Pistachio-a unique shade of olive green
Socialite Brown- a warm, shimmering brown shade
Plum Dandy- a soft, neutral plum shade
PEacock Blue- a purpley blue shade. This shade is not quite as smooth and buttery as the previously listed shades. It also appears to be more sheer.
Black Pearl- more of a shimmery dark grey than an actual black.

Besame offers 3 cheek shades housed in the same packaging as it's eyeshadows. Despite their tiny size, the blushes will last you a fairly long time as they are soft and pigmented, and require only a small dab for each cheek.
Sweet Pink- a matte neutral soft pink shade. This blush is great for a soft healthy flush, especially on lighter skin
Rasberry- a matte cool toned pink with mauvey tones to it. This is one of my favorite pink blushes. It's tiny size also makes it great for purse travel with my Trish McEvoy travel brushes. (the head of the mini blending brushes fits perfectly in these compacts..they seem almost made for each other)
Sunkissed- a brownish peach shade. This shade is closer to a bronzer shade than an actual cheek shade. This is my least favorite blush in my collection and it has never looked quite right on me no matter what shade my skin tone became throughout the year, but I've kept it for the sake of keeping my collection.complete.
Next up are the liners. Besame offers several types of double ended automatic pencils. Of the 7 they offer, I own 4. (I'm missing a lipliner one and two of the eyeliner pencils). I own two lipliner duos (Rose/Pink, and Naturelle/Cocoa), one Eyeliner (Kohl/Beige), and the brow pencil (Grey, taupe)
The lipliners are excellent; great pigmentation and very smooth.
Rose: not really a rose shade, this lipliner is more of a brown pink
Pink: light medium pink shade.
Naturelle- brownish nude
Cocoa-red brown
Kohl: a true glossy black. This pencil is very smudgy and never quite seems to set
Beige: creamy yellow beige. This side of the pencil is not quite as smooth as the kohl end. However, it doesn't smudge and stays in place very well
The brow pencil is decent, and I don't have a whole lot to say about it. One end is an ashy grey while the other end is taupe. It's the only brow pencil I own, so I can't really compare it to other brow pencils.
My stash of Besame lip products is extremely limited. I only own two of Besame's lip glazes. The lip glazes are ,oisturizing, long lasting, and somewhat sticky, with a yummy smelling vanilla-coconut scent.
Shimmer Peach- peachy pink shade with lots of gold shimmer.
Vanilla- shimmery cream colored. Goes great over strong lip colors
Chocolate Kiss- my one and only lipstick from Besame. Besame's lipsticks come in a tiny bullet shaped tube with a special cut so that you can use each lipstick as both a lipstick and a matching lipliner, a pretty smart idea for them in my opinion. The one setback to this is that the lipstick itself doesn't twist into the tube completely, and it's difficult the remove and replace the cap without knicking the lipstick a bit.

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