Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smashbox Mini Lip and Eye Palette

The Mini Lip and Eye Palette was released a few years ago with the Mod Chic collection. I don't particularly remember how much it retailed for, but you can still find it on ebay for pretty cheap nowadays. It's a great little palette with 4 buttery, sheer, but buildable eyeshadows and 2 lip glosses with a mini double ended eye brush. It's great for a quick neutral look or simple smoky look. I do have to apologize for the state mine's in. I neglected to clean it before snapping a picture of it..

The colors are as follows:
All of the eyeshadows are sheer, but buildable, and are of the same excellent quality of Smashbox's regular singles. The shimmery shades have light shimmer, and are great for everyday
Fab: A shimmery white. An excellent highlighter
Mini: Shimmery Cream, makes a good base
Shag: Shimmery light brown, a bit on the warmer side.
Jet: Matte "off-black" This shade is black, but not a full on black, if you know what I mean
These are also sheer, but buildable and nondrying. One layer gives a tint with a soft shine. More layers=more color and shine
Smashing: Warm Peach color. It looks orangey on my arm, but on my mauvey-pink lips, it's perfectly fine
Smashing: Mid-toned Rose.

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