Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection Haul

Originally planned to launch Thursday, Feb. 12, the MAC and Hello Kitty collaboration launched today, a couple days earlier than originally planned. I of course, went nuts over the stuff, with a purchase totaling over $260 in product. I bought both Beauty Powder blushes ($18 each), the Lucky Tom eyeshadow quad ($38), a Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby ($22), lipsticks in Strayin', Big Bow, Most Popular, and Cute-ster ($14 each), and my first lipglasses in Mimmy, She loves Candy, and Sweet Strawberry ($14 each), Tinted Lip Conditioners in Pink Fish and Popster ($14.50), and my first MAC nailpolish in On the Prowl ($11). I did the vast majority of my haul at Nordstroms, but a few things were bought at a MAC freestanding store (and the reason is at the end of this post!) Everything came in black packaging with Hello Kitty Written on it, kinda cute, and a welcome change from MAC's regular boring black packaging in this blogger's opinion.
Here's everything after it's been freed from the packaging (well except for the nailpolish, there was a mixup with my preorders, and one of them went missing)

A few items opened up..

Here's a close-up of the Lucky Tom Palette open. The palette is quite a bit smaller than I had expected, barely larger than the four eyeshadow pans squeezed together, and measures less than 5" in length, 1.25" wide, and less than 1/2" tall. Inside are four colors:

Creme Royale (Veluxe Pearl)- the smoothest of the four colors in this palette, a sheer shimmery yellow gold shade.
Paradisco (Frost)- a repromote from the permanent line. Paradisco is a sheer shimmery peachy pink shade. A pretty color, but it's a bit difficult to draw color off this shade, so I'm not fond of this.
Stylin' (Velvet)- Gorgeous blue purple color with sparkle in the pan, but the color loses the sparkle once on the lid. Also has somewhat poor color payoff, but the color builds up easily.
Lucky Tom (Luster)- A dark dirty taupe with glitter in the pan. The glitter also dissapears on the lid.

Overall, the palette isn't the best, but it's not the worst either. Unless you're in it for the cute packaging, I'd probably skip this palette. If you already bought it, it's still worth keeping, but the colors don't really go that well together either.

There were two beauty powders released with this collection, and quite frankly, like all beauty powders in my opinion, are not worth purchasing. I however, did purchase one of the powders, mostly for the adorable imprint on the powder. I chose Pretty Baby, the light pink matte powder because that one showed up a little bit better on me. It has the possibility for being used as a very very light pink blush, but I have my doubts about that. I'm not sure I intend on using it anyways ( I know, shame on me...)

I picked up both blushes in my haul today, Tippy, the pink blush, is a bright, slightly shimmery pink, that requires the use of a skunk brush to work on most skin tones. Otherwise, it'll just look clownish. Even still, it's quite bright

The second blush, Fun and Games, while looking somewhat orangey in the pan, ended up as a great subtle peachy glow on me. Out of the two blushes, this one is the most wearable in my opinion.

I also picked up both tinted lip conditioners, which are lightweight, have great color, and smell carry the scent of vanilla. The best part about them for me? When you run out of lip conditioner, you can probably switch the Hello Kitty imprinted lid with that of a regular TLC. Popster is a sheer coral shade. It isn't anything special, but it is definitely pretty.

Pink Fish is a light, slightly cool toned pink on my lips that I think would work well with played up eyes. However, I feel that it's also one of those things that isn't a must-have.

Next up are the lipglasses. The lipglasses released in this collection are all really sheer, and somewhat sticky. They don't carry the light vanilla scent that I've heard that all MAC lipglasses have. I picked up 3 out of the 6 that were released with this collection:
She Loves Candy- Sheer light pink with shimmer. It's not much on it's own, and it screams that it's dupeable to me, but it's quite beautiful over a couple of the lippies in this collection. It's definitely a nice addition to your collection if you're looking to collect one of the lipglasses.
Mimmy- Super sheer light peachy-pink/coral shade, this lipglass is fairly unexciting and imparts only the slightest hint of color and shimmer to your lips.
If you plan to wear this shade alone, then it's not worth purchasing. If you really want a color like this, Chanel's aqualumiere in Candy Glow is very similar in the tube, and goes on with a bit more color. I myself was thinking of taking this one back until I tried layering it on top of Cute-ster lipstick. The two go great with each other.
Sweet Strawberry- my favorite lipglass in this collection. Sweet Strawberry is berry toned in the tube, but once on my lips, is a mid-deep pink with a hint of berry. It's also sheer, but the color is quite pretty. It is definitely worth looking at.

Of the 6 lipsticks released with this collection, I purchased 4, 3 of which are much brighter than what I normally wear. All lipsticks came in a black tube with Hello Kitty design on them and a cute hello kitty imprint in the lipstick itself. The two I did not purchase, Fresh Brew (Lustre, repromote) and Fashion Mews, did not suit my skin tone and were left alone

Cute-Ster- is a sheer peach color with gold shimmer. This was my favorite lipstick of the collection and I have already purchased a backup. This was already sold out at my freestanding store by the time I went to go pick up a backup. I think this would not show up on a lot of people, but as I have pigmented, cool toned lips, this transformed my natural lip color quite beautifully. Other people have mentioned it didn't show up though. I think this one is fairly similar to Marquise D. from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection, but cutester is slightly pinker, and less frosty than Marquise D., with more subtle shimmer.

Big Bow (glaze)- is a sheer bright blue pink on my lips. There isn't too much I want to say on this one at this time. It's pretty, and I'm decently happy with it, but it's not a must-have for me

Strayin' (Frost)- is a mid-toned brightish pink that seems perfect for Spring. Although it is a frost finish, the lipstick itself is not frosty at all, but instead has a slight sheen to it. It's also, in my opinion, the prettiest one to look at in the tube.

The last lipstick I purchased was Most Popular (Lustre)- which is a berry tinged pink shade, also much brighter than the colors I normally wear. It's similar to Sweet Strawberry lipglass, but with slightly more berry tones.

I had to go back to the store for my On the Prowl nail polish (which is why it was not in the first few pictures), and I'm glad I did. On the prowl is a light matte grey shade that I haven't seen anywhere else. The bottle is decorated with MAC's version of Hello Kitty.
Congratulations! you've reached the bottom of my long, badly written post! Here's the reason why part of my haul ended up being done at a MAC freestanding store versus a complete haul from Nordstrom's, which I prefer more for their great service and return policy: I recieved this tote for making a Hello Kitty collection purchase over $50. Yay! It's not the best made tote in the world, as it's made of this strange plastic-like material, but it's super cute and it was FREE.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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