Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stila Palettes--My collection and Stila Blanc

I still have a couple of Bobbi Brown palettes, but since I don't have those swatched yet, I'll give you guys swatches of my Stila palettes...which should keep me busy for oh...a week or less :] (I've swatched and labeled most of these think I've swatched them all already so this should go quickly)
Here they all are...
I never did swatch the contouring trio before I got rid of it...but oh well. First up is the Stila Blanc palette, which seems to be a board favorite on MUA, particualrly amongst the paler ladies. It contains 3 eyeshadow shades (base, crease, and liner) and a blush. The palette is definitely nice, but I'm not in love with it at all...
The base shade is nothing too special, just your basic shimmery yellowy cream shade. it's a nice all over/highlight shade.
The "crease" shade is a soft, shimmery warm golden brown. Although this is labeled as a crease shade, I prefer using this on the lid
The liner shade is my favorite out of the 3. It's a darker brown with some olive tones to it and glod shimmer. I tend to use this one in the crease instead of the crease shade.
The blush in this palette is the real reason why I'm not in love with this palette. It's a beautiful coral colored blush in the pan, which unfortunately, for some reason, gives my skin kind of a toasty sunburnt look.
Swatches in somewhat warm indoor lighting

I'm not entirely sure what this palette retailed for, but I got this one for $12 (plus expensive shipping) off beautycrunch. It was releleased last year in a kit at Ulta as well.

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