Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stila Glacier Ice palette

I'm powering through old swatches tonight so up next is the Stila Glacier Ice palette. I was lucky enough to receive this palette in a swap, but I never reached for this, so away it went to a new home. Like most of Stila's 4 pan palettes, this came with 3 shadows (labeled base, crease, and liner) and a blush.

The base shade is a nice shimmery pinkish cream. Nothing special, but it's a nice color for a wash/highlight.
The lid/crease shade is a nice silver color that from what I remember, pulled a tiny bit green on me.
The liner shade is a kind of boring shimmery black shadow. I'm not sure if it was a full on black, I think it was more of a muted black color.
The blush was a soft pink color, which I thought was kind of nice, but slightly chalky. I'm not a big fan of Stila's blushes though.

Zero's a fan of participating in my swatching/blogging activities...

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