Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stila Madagascar Agate palette

The Stila swatch frenzy continues with what is probably my favorite Stila palette, the Madagascar Agate palette. I bought this palette by accident at the Stila Warehouse sale last December for about $12. (I meant to get the Laguna Agate palette, but didn't notice that the box behind the display palette was filled with Madagascar palettes, and unfortunately all sales were final...I don't think there were actually any Laguna palettes there so I feel a bit miffed, but it turned out well in the end) The palette doesn't look like anything special at all, but I like the nice easy everyday sort of look it gives. Plus, it contains the one Stila blush I actually LIKE. The base shade is a cream colored shadow with slight shimmer. Like all the base shades in Stila palettes, it's a nice wash color. The lid shade is a warm bronze color, and the darkest shade is your standard dark brown color. All 3 colors are smooth and buttery. The blush is a great peachy pink shade with gold shimmer. It applies quite smoothly unlike the other Stila blushes I've owned

Swatches (natural lighting, no base). The dark brown doesn't actually have a funky texture like the swatch might suggest, my skin was reacting funny to the massive amount of swatching I did that day)Swatches in warmer, indoor lighting. I chose to post a 2nd pic because this one brings out the golden shimmer in the blush better.
None of the colors are really unique or must have, but put together, this palette is very very nice. It's the sort of palette that you have around as a staple if you had a small stash (or makes a great gift for someone who isn't super crazy about mu, but wears a little from time to time) Additionally, it's small size makes it ideal for travel (I wrap my hand around this one quite easily)