Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rose Romance Nordstrom Exclusive Quad-Rose is a Rose

In addition to all the other goodies that came out with A Rose Romance, MAC also released a Nordstrom exclusive quad that came out about a month after the rest of the collection. This quad retailed for $36 plus tax and contained a repromote of Solar White (from last year's Cool Heat collex), one permanent shade (Contrast), and 2 new shades exclusive to the quad. I'm just now getting to posting my swatches of this quad, since for some reason I swatch things at an oddball pace...and then post them at an even odder pace. My opinion of this quad is a bit mixed, since the colors seem quite dupeable to me, but it's still a nice quad to have.

Solar White (Frost)- Both the name of this shadow, as well as it's appearance in the pan is decieving. This shadow is neither white like it's name indicates, or the pretty cream color it is in the pan. Instead, it's a nice beautiful pale yellow gold. I really love this shadow, and have already purchased a backup of this shade of's more intense than Femme Fi, which pulls slightly pink on me for some reason.
Seeds of Love (Frost) - a nice peachy shade. On my skin, this color is nearly identical to Paradisco (which I own from the Lucky Tom quad) However the texture of this is much better than Paradisco, which was kind of chalky in my opinion
Petal Worship (Lustre)- described as a light, blue based pink. This description is fairly accurate in my opinion, though I feel like it leans a bit more towards purpley or lilac than just a blue based pink. It has a nice silvery sheen to it that I feel makes it kind of unique. I don't own too many MAC shadows, so I'm not entirely sure if there's a full on dupe of this, but I do own Lotusland, which Temptalia said was similar, and I don't feel bad at all owning both. I definitely wasn't super fond of its Lustre texture.
Contrast (Velvet)- Navy Blue. I find this color kind of boring just seems like your run of the mill navy blue shadow. I didn't notice any of the purplish cast that temptalia mentioned.
Like I said before, I don't find this quad particularly special. The colors in the quad itself are nice to have if you don't already own similar shades. The only color I felt was a must have in this palette was Solar White. If you got it at Nordstroms before it sold out, it's a nice quad to have, but if you missed out on it, it's not a big deal. It's definitely not something worth paying overblown ebay prices for...if you still feel like you must have it though...ask your Nordies MAC SA to check the warehouses for it. Chances are, there might be a few left somewhere.

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