Monday, April 20, 2009

Fyrinnae Inks

So I actually started this post back in April the same day as my last posting(it's mid June now, though this post will say April) , but neglected to finish this before I left on my trip and then proceeded to get rammed continuously by that thing we call life. I got this amazing little package in the mail before I left on the first of 3 trips Fyrinnae Ink samples! 15 tiny little bottles of gorgeous color (about 2" long each). The samples are about $3 each on Fyrinnae's website ( and come in 2 ml sizes, which to a makeup junkie like me, is absolutely perfect. (sooo much of my stash is lightly's a bit depressing). After trying these out for a couple of weeks I have to say that I definitely like these. They're vibrant, long-lasting, and completely nonirritating to the eyes...even if you're clumsy like me and end up with them IN your eyes. Fyrinnae's site says that these are designed for use on the waterline, but since I have trouble applying these there (hence the comment about getting these in my eyes...but I'm not used to applying anything to my waterline) I use these to line my upper lids and they work perfectly fine for that. On top of UDPP these last all day without smudging or flaking..provided that I don't take a nap and rub my face into the pillow or whatever it is I do in my sleep. I bought all but 3 of thesebabies at the time of my order, but Fyrinnae has since then added a few more lovely colors. I will quite qossibly be going back to order the other colors (plus the one I managed to lose already) so I think it's safe to say you can expect a 2nd set of swatches (eventually) flash
Inks with Flash

Swatches in Sunlight. I really quite like these liners..they look a bit different in different light.
Swatches in Shade.

Now that you've seen the swatches, here are the color descriptions (done to the best of my ability)
Charismatic Cream-slightly shimmery off white cream. It's a nice color for the waterline
Tinsel Taupe- a silvery taupe. It's less brown than Dior's Elegante Taupe liner (and most likely UD Underground..since I heard these two were dupes of each other) I think this is a bit light as a liner on medium-darker skin tones, but would probably be quite pretty on light skin tones. This one turned a bit gold on my skin after it dried down. You can also spread this color out a bit with your fingers and use it as a liquid eyeshadow if you really wanted.
Flattery Will Get you Everywhere-medium-deep pewtery taupe. I like this one a lot.
Bionic Brown- I don't think I describe this one too well, but it's a warmish brown with golden-copper sparkle
Lover's quarrel- I definitely don't describe this one too well, but this one looks like a deep brown color in the tube, but applied on the skin it's an aubergine? plummy-red-pink maroonish color. I think it's a bit redder than my swatches show, but the picture of it in the shade is more accurate than the one in full on sun. I think sixxmum has a better swatch of this one. You can find it on Karlasugar's blog.
Superherioine- This one's one of Fyrinnae's more simple's a yellow gold
Sterling Starlight- On my skin it's a nice silver with some possible blue undertones
Intoxicating- grey in the tube, but grey-turquoise on my arm.
Colorful Metaphor- light silvery green
Turquoise Tease- bright shimmery turqoise. This one's going to be a favorite of mine this summer I think.
Flamboyant Forest- mid-deep shimmery green lighter than Ivy shimmer ink
Make-up sex- deep blue-green
Captivating Cobalt- blue shimmer
Midnight Mistress- shimmery deep blue
Violet Vendetta- a nice shimmery purple.

I really like these liners, generally, they're some of the easiest to apply liquids I've come across, though in the mini tubes, the brush that comes with the liners tickles quite a bit when i try to apply it on the waterline. They do take a while to dry down a bit, so it's possible for these to transfer a bit while it's more wet. I also like these because you can kinda smudge out and soften the line with these if you want to. The biggest con to this product is that you have to frequently dig these out of your stash to shake these up, even when you aren't using them, or the product separates. (though you have to shake these well before use anyways to get a more vibrant line) They don't appear to separate at all before you crack open the tube though. Either way, I like these a lot and definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to play with some fun colored liners.

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  1. wow this has induced a number of lemmings!! great swatches!!