Monday, April 20, 2009

Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Shimmerwash Palette

I guess this is more of a "I have the swatches already, so why not post them?" post :] Today's review/swatches are of the Nude on Nude Shimmerwash palette, which I believe originally retailed for $45 (at least I remember seeing it briefly on QVC for that price last year) I'm not really sure on this, however, as I recieved this palette in a swap preloved (one shade particularly so, as you can see below) This palette is a palette of mostly shimmery eyeshadows, with one matte shade. This is the shimmer palette with this name, as there is another palette that Bobbi Brown also named "Nude on Nude". The other Nude on Nude palette is a palette of matte shades, and is a travel exclusive palette. The shimmerwash palette is unfortunately not just the shimmer version of the matte version or vice versa. I believe they have different shades.

This palette contains 4 of Bobbi Brown's Shimmerwash shades and one matte shade, all of which I believe are in Bobbi Brown's permanent line;
Nude: a nice light pinky peach nude. This shadow is an excellent base shade with shimmer that sparkle just a bit. It makes an excellent wash or base shade. I literally used this shade twice before it hit pan, but I'm sure I'll buy myself a full size of this shadow when I run out (which actually may take a while knowing me)
Cement : a somewhat silvery taupe. The shimmer in this shade is more of a subtle sheen instead of a sparkle like Nude. I think it's a bit similar to Shu IR Brown 860, but the Shu has more of a silver sheen on top
Woodrose: a slightly plummy taupe with a silvery sheen. The plummy undertone doesn't show much on my lids though.
Wheat: I guess I'd best describe this as a dirty taupe with olive undertones. I'm not sure if it's because this shadow shattered in transit and had to be repressed, but out of the 4 shimmerwashes in this palette, this one comes the closest to being matte. There a very low sheen to this one, and it's probably my least favorite color in this palette.
The last shade, Mahogany, is a matte, smoky blackened brown. It is lighter than Espresso, and I like this shade for darkening the outer corners from time to time. It also makes a decent liner shade.

Overall I'd say this palette is a nice palette of neutrals, but not really a must have if you have Stonewashed nudes or a bunch of other taupes and neutrals (which I most definitely do..but this will bcome a lot more apparent as I continue to swatch or if I get around to posting stash pictures at some point) I do reach for this from time to time, but it tends to be as somewhat forced for me, as this palette is in one of the drawers on my desk. It's a nice work appropriate palette, but it's not something I'd miss too much if I didn't own it. I'd say out of this palette, I'd repurchase Nude, and MAYBE Woodrose if I decide I like it down the line.


  1. i am getting confused by BB's palettes as the look more or less the same to me now... a bit like stila's case IMO. If this palette was all shimmery, I'd be quite interested as it should be a go-to palette. :)

    Thanks for the review!