Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes Palette

I think my laziness is stronger than originally thought..and my stash is getting new additions soon, so I'm putting off the stash pictures until the end of June maybe. Therefore I'm going ahead with the winning option of the poll and reviewing some Bobbi Brown stuff. :] So the first item I'm reviewing is my favorite Bobbi Brown palette, Stonewashed Nudes. I was very lucky to receive this palette in a swap from a total sweetheart, and I'm still really glad I did. This palette is a bit hard to find at this point, but 6 out of the 7 shades in this palette are part of the permanent line, so I think it's still worth swatching/reviewing. The palette originally retailed for $50, but you can get the colors separately for $20 each US should you choose to. The palette itself is a decently constructed rectangular palette made of pewter colored plastic. The shadows inside are firmly anchored inside and are all of decent size for sticking your brush in. Additionally, the dual ended brush that comes with this palette is very usable and actually quite nice. Stonewashed nudes is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades and is one of my absolute favorite palettes in my stash. It's good for everything from nice nude looks to smokey looks. The shades are as follows:
Navajo: This shade is a neutral toned matte cream color. It's good for a very subtle brow bone highlight and passable as a base color (It's a bit on the light side for me, but still works very well)
Mica (Shimmer Wash): this shade is a nice medium toned warm taupe shade in the pan, but on my skin, this shade is more of a warm slightly bronzey shimmery brown. The shimmer in this shade is golden
Ash (Shimmer Wash): this shade looks the same on my skin as it does in the pan, it'sa nice taupe shade with silver shimmer.
Hot Stone: slightly warm matte gray taupe
Stonewash (Shimmer Wash): This is the only shade exclusive to the palette. It's a cooler toned taupe with silver shimmer. I really wish that this shade was permanent, because I'l probably miss this a bit when it's gone.
Rock (Shimmer Wash): taupey gray shimmer.
Espresso: Blackened brown. This shade isn't very special, and is the liner shade in this palette. However, Bobbi Brown also makes this shade in a gel liner form, which I would probbly buy over this shade. Additionally, it seems to show up n a lot of palettes, so 'd skip buying this one separately.

Well, there you have it..Stonewashed nudes :]. The Shimmering nudes palette and Nude on Nude Shimmerwash palette will be up shortly (hopefully within the week, but I wouldn't count on


  1. how strong pigmented this palette is on you than me! I tried it so many times at the boutique but it just couldn't show up much so i gave up. for some reason, BB is really not my brand. not many things work right for me. :(

    lovely colours on you arm though!

  2. I have this palette and totally love it! Cool-toned neutrals seem better on Asian skin than the warmer ones, so this is a lovely one to keep.