Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Stila duos and singles I guess (with Stila grey look palette)

I've been sitting by somewhat idly the last few days since, as I mentioned a few days ago that there hasn't been any sun at all (or much light for that matter) which has made swatching difficult (my room generally just doesn't get bright enough with all the lights on for me to make good swatches on my arm) However, since my sister's home and finally got around to bugging me for some of the stuff on my portable hard drive, I got around to taking a look at what was inside...and there were some unposted Stila swatches that I had made over the summer but never got around to I figured that this was a good opportunity to do so while I wait for clearer days. First up is my Stila Grey look palette. This palette was available at Costco last year for some ridiculously good deal price. It came with 2 brushes and a mascara. The mascara was complete crap and went straight into the garbage after 1 use, while the brushes are still around (though I seem to have misplaced one lately...or the purrball lying next to me carried it off at some point when I wasn't home). It's made up of permanent colors, so I'm posting it anyways. It's actually almost identical to the Korean version of Stila's Smoky eye palette except the Smoky eye palette contains Kitten instead of Starlight
Chinois-matte beige
Starlight- shimmery champagne color similar to kitten but much less frosty and slightly pinker
Slate- a nice satiny grey
Ebony- probably the best matte black I own (I probably have a lot since a lot of brands are fond of putting blacks in palettes) This black is definitely pigmented and lacks any chalkiness that is common in a lot of black shadows.

The other palette I found swatches of is the palette containing 6 of Stila's duo eyeshadow shades and 3 single e/s that I picked up along the way. The duos also came in a set at Costco for what I believe was $17.99. The duos are slightly larger than the singles due to the split pan shape (each color comes in a half pan shape). The palette I have these in is what I believe to be a Japonesque palette (obtained from It's a simple black cardboard palette with a magnetic base.
Salome- This duo contains a light peach shade with silvery gold sparkle and a very warm brown shade
Mara Simba- was the entire reason I bought this set; it's a buo of two taupes.
Fandango- contains a lime green shade and another warm brown
Lilly- contains a peach shade and a pink shade. I really don't care for this duo much due to personal preference, so it's barely been touched (I think I've only ever swatched it, come to think of it)
Vieux Carre- contains a warm violet with gold shimmer and a warm brown with gold sparkle.
Kajiki- is a duo with two blues in it
Coco- a warmish matte brown. I think I only own this shade because I got it for $1 at last year's warehouse sale
Kitten- Supposedly Stila's bestselling shade, it's a very frosty champagne color. I really have to wonder if this sells the best because it's in practically half the sets Stila sells, because this shade is frosty hell. The only way I can get this shade to work on me is to sheer it out as much as possible with the fluffiest eye brush I can find. It's definitely less frosty looking on really pale skin, but still frosty nonetheless.
Cassis- kind of a satiny purple. I like the color in the pan, but I really don't care for it on my lids. I feel like it lacks a certain oomph.


  1. Omg, I LOVE Mara Simba! I neeeeed it now :)

  2. 6 Stila duos for only $18??!! Omgosh I really need to go to Costco more! At Sephora, 1 duo alone is $20 plus you have to buy the pan thingy for it too.. which is like $2. This is awesome!!