Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I HATE LIARS MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE: Swapping with calisurfergrrli

Today is apparently rant day...but I have nowhere else to talk about this sort of thing...So MUA is having a Secret Santa thing, so I have of course checked out my giftee's profile. I had noticed that she was newish and had very few tokens, not all of which was positive, so I looked at them. The only non-positive came from a girl I had more than the acceptable level of trouble with when I was never to the whole swapping thing so I shrugged it off since the girl is a serial liar who retailiates token-wise when you leave her a non-positive. (She did remove mine, thankfully, since it wasn't deserved, and PMed me apologizing it I guess hoping I'd remove the one I left her..for which I removed the negative, but kept the neutral token). Anyways...today I got curious whether or not my giftee had left her a neutral/negative and saw this (click to enlarge) :

WTF?!?! The girl doesn't know when to STOP LYING. Here's what happened. She contacted me about 3 BNIB items (Smashbox Tokidoki stuff) on my list saying she'd love to swap yadda yadda, so I looked at her list and saw a couple things I was kind of interested in and contacted her back. She said no, because she could "get the items off ebay cheaper" than what her items were worth (retail value for the items were all around the same and her items were used while mine were BNIB). I really should have turned away from the swap at this point, but I was really interested in the items she had and asked for the one I wanted more. She replied back saying that she was on the fence on that item and didn't know if she wanted to swap it (again I should have just left it alone), so I ended up agreeing to swap for a Stila Palette (which had some cosmetic damage to the back of the palette) and a pigment sample (1/2 tsp) .

The swap was finalized 6/29/08 at which time she said "ok i will ship monday or tuesday!" Apparently she DIDN'T ship Monday or Tuesday..or the following days after that..and no message came about any delay whatsoever until 7/15/2008. Message reads:

"Hey swappers-

Sorry for the mass email but I am just letting some of you know that I have come across a hard time in my life & have been tied up the past week or so. I shipped most of my packages on July 1st, so I assume you already have received those ones.

If you have not received it yet, please do not worry as I have a few more to send out. I am so incredibly sorry for the delay, I tried putting in a few extras to make up for the delay :)

I am shipping all of these extras tomorrow as it will be the first out of many days I do not need to take my mom down to the hospital :(

Please keep my family in your thoughts/prayers & PLMK once your packages arrive! "

Which at this point is understandable..things happen in life...(btw, my package was not included in the batch she supposedly sent 7/1) One more thing I should add is that at the time I was home for summer vacation from school and had to go back at the end of July before summer school started up, so keeping this in mind, I sent her a message about a week after I received her message that something was up in her life that prevented her from sending out her packages..a day or 2 later I get a message back saying "Yes it was sent yesterday! I hope it arrives before you move! "

And I did...barely...got it like 2 days before I had to drive back down for school...only the sample was missing from the package...so I PM her about it and she says she'll look for it. Apparently she can't find it..

"hey I didnt find that pigment, I am thinking i may have sent it in another package as an extra or something bc its nowhere to be found (my swap stuff is super organized too) but i have a few other things i can send to make up for it, or i have more pigments....i just got an Ultra Marine & Coco 1/4 samples if you want me to send one over.

again i am so sorry! my swaps are usually organized & have no problems i am sorry you experienced an exception :( "

I picked Coco..since it seems very loved...
So on 7/29 she says she'll ship the sample to my school address (which ironically according to her was like 45 minutes away from her house...and was also where her boyfriend went to school).

8/4: "i am sending stuff out tomorrow:)"

8/9: "hey caroline! your end was returned to me with a stamp saying unable to deliver.......i checked postage & addy they seemed fine i am sending out again on monday thru the PO

sorry it took awhile i had to go back to PA for afamily emergency :("

8/23: "i am so sorry between getting kicked out of my home & totaling my car i've been super disorganized & frantic lately this usually never happens i have a great swapping record i apologize for your inconvenience i'll look for my receipt i always keep them"

Wait...what now? I've been through a lot of shit storms in my life, but at this point I'm having a REALLY hard time believing that THIS MUCH crap can happen within 2 months..honestly I would have given her the benefit of the doubt..BUT

The Coco pigment arrived 8/30 in a regular white envelope..the type you send letters in. There was no bubble wrap. THE JAR WAS GRIMY. The return address was the same as the one she gave me when we finalized our swap. (aka parent's house)

Now..moving on to her response to my token...

Did I ask for a reversal? NO. After it took her 2 MONTHS to complete one swap do you think I'd try for a reversal? From what I remember, I think there was someone who had complained about her on swap talk saying that they had tried a reversal with her once, only she had used the swap items before the other party got her end. I wasn't sure I'd get my stuff back in the condition I sent it in.

Did she send me a brand new palette? That's news to me...if she sent it I certainly never got it...and there was no message to me saying she was going to send it...or asking if I ever received it.

Am I complaining about it? HELL YES. Wouldn't you if you saw a response like THAT? I also still have the majority of my messages from her..there's a gap between when she first pmed me and when she sent me her address since I used to delete all my messages until I got swaplifted, but I have EVERYTHING from the PM where she gave me her address up until I left her tokens if anyone finds screenshots necessary :]


  1. EW. I hate it when people lie on MUA. Seriously. If you can't ship, say so and freaking be responsible and DONT SWAP WHEN YOU HAVE ISSUES IN YOUR LIFE THAT COULD REALLY MESS EVERYTHING UP.

    Thanks for the heads up, I will NOT swap with this person ever

  2. Ooh... that's tough. As long as you keep in touch w/ communication and such I don't mind if there is a problem but if the person keeps lying then it's like... URGH!!

  3. OMG that is insane. About two years ago I swapped with the SAME chick and the SAME thing happened to me, it was awful and actually it was such a headache that I stopped swapping on MUA. She's awful, sorry you had such a hard time with her :(

  4. Omg I'm so sorry you had to go through that crap! I almost got swaplifted once - and it was just almost, not actually happened - but it was so nervewracking for me it almost made me quit swapping! I can't imagine what it actually must've been like to actually see my own precious MU disappear into the hands of a thief!