Friday, December 18, 2009

Korres Lip Butters and NOTD Dorothy Who?

Today I have some swatches of my Korres lip butters for you guys. Korres lip butters are tinted lip balms with decent pigmentation. Color-wise, they remind me more of glosses instead of balms, but the texture is definitely that of a light balm.
Here are the usual arm swatches:
I'm also going to show you guys some lip swatches this time. Here are my bare lips for reference, since my lips are decently pigmented. All the swatches are a bit more vibrant rl than in photographs, but they still came out okay, so I'll show them to you guys. All lip swatches were done in warm indoor lightingJasmine is a very light milky pink. It's good for muting down pigmented lips. It has a scent to it, but it doesn't smell like jasmine. It's a somewhat sweet scent that I can't put my finger on, but it's not unpleasant.

Mango is kind of scarily orange in the pot, but it's not nearly as bad on the lips as it sheers out. The result is a peachy tint on my lips. The scent is mango-ish, but not quite mango. There's a perfumed quality to it.
Pomegranate is my favorite of the Korres lip butters. It has a light, kind of fruity scent to it (though I still can't place the scent, I think it smells the best). It's a nice warm pink
Quince is cooler toned pink than Pomegranate. I think it also lends a bit more pigmentation than Pomegranate as well. The scent is probably the lightest of the lip butters I own and is slightly floral.
A plummy-red in the pot, Plum swatches a fuschia-plum on my lips. The scent is similar to that of my Pomegranate lip butter.

NOTD is China Glaze Dorothy Who? from the Wizard of Ooh Ahz Collex (did I spell that right? probably not) This didn't photograph all that well..the blue is more vibrant in real life, though the frosty silver glitter is definitely still apparent. This is 4 coats, with topcoat.Anyways, now I'd like your opinions on something, so I'd appreciate a quick comment below if you can spare it. Are lip swatches helpful? Should I try to include them in future posts with lip products?


  1. I"m a huge fan of lip swatches. So please continue :)

  2. I love lip swatches, and arm swatches. All your swatches are very helpful. :)

  3. This CG polish is gorgeus. I want one too :D

  4. Sure, please keep doing lip swatches :-)

    I haven't got any shade of this collection yet, can't wait

  5. I love lip swatches, these were super helpful! I'd love if you continued doing them.

    That CG is one of my favorite polishes, it's my favorite of the Ooh Aahz (sp?!) collection!

  6. Thank-you VERY much for the Korres lip butter swatches :D

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