Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stash pictures- Storage with open drawers and brushes

Today's post is rather image heavy as I'll be showing you how I organize my rather massive stash of goodies. In my current room, most of my stash actually sits on my bed. I'd say a good majority of it sits in a large drawer unit I bought from the Container store. You can find this in the hobbies section of the store for about $30. My foundation's hiding behind my lotion bottle Next to that sits my brush holder. This holds the large majority of my brushes, as well as my brush cleaner and a few other things. I got this at Target for $20 in the scrapbooking section. The top compartment is sectioned off into 4. This section holds my longer/regular handled brushes, my Shu Uemura brush set, and a spray bottle of MAC brush cleanser.
On one side of the hlder is a board with elastic bands. This holds my mascaras, UDPPs, lash conditioners and my Garnier Rollerball.
This goody also has 2 drawers. The larger drawer holds miscellaneous tools, and lip balm. The Sharpie's for marking packages...
There's another drawer on the other side that has been sectioned off. The sections are perfect for holding my Kabuki brushes.
Going back to the large drawer unit, here's what's inside:
Top Row contains, Right to left:
1. Besame eyeshadows and blushes
2. NARS Singles
3. Shu eyeshadows
4. More Shu, Sny CP Strawberry balm
5.Some smaller blushes, mostly from GWPs and Lancome Erika F.
6. Concealers (I'm missing a couple of those too)
7. Foundation sample. Tokidoki liquid highlighter, Cargo Muir Woods l/s
8. Sample mascaras and some lip balm
Row 2 Right to left:
1, 2. Cream eyeshadows--I have 2 more creaseless creams coming, which is why it's more empty
3. Mini LM lip glaces and Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous sample
4. LM lip glaces
5. lipsticks
6. GWP/sample glosses
7. Chantecaille, Hard Candy, Px glosses
8. Korres lip butters
Row 3:
1. Besame lip stuff
2. Shu lipsticks
3. theBalm and Korres lipstuff
4. Lancome and Estee Lauder glosses
5. lipstuff, mostly Estee Lauder
6. Castledew and lip pencils
7. Lancome Color Fever glosses (missing 1)
8. MAC TLCs, ArtDeco shadows
Row 4:
1-4. Chanel glosses
5-7. MAC glosses and slimshines
8. NP Shimmery Taupe, Belladonna shadow liner, Stereo Rose pressed pan, mini BB shadow
Row 5:
MAC palettes/quads/blushes/BPs, EDM concealers
Row 6:
1. Becca shadows, blushes, bronzers
2. Global goddess bronzer, blushes, shadows. Smashbox blush duo
3. Primers and CdP Concealer Sample
4. Stila, LM, MAC BP, Josie Maran palettes
Row 7:
1. BB face palettes, YSL blush, Josie Maran singles
2. Smashbox palette, Clinique GWP palette, GA Sheer blush #6, Guerlain Holiday palette
4. NARS, Clinique, the Balm Down Boy, Tarte glosses (2 missing), Tarte palette
Small drawer unit: MAC singles, Chantecaille
Small stash of Dior:
My desk is a bit of a mess...but it holds a fair amount of my stash as well
Desk drawer:
Top of the smaller drawer units..the top drawer holds other stuff(non-mu related), middle drawer holds loose shadows, bottom holds NYX singles. There's a largish palette holding some Stila singles and duo that sits on top of the thing.
Bottom one: Gel liners. potted lip products, BB, NYX, and Stila palettes
Larger drawer unit. My Cargo eyeshadow book sits on top of this. The top drawer holds my Chanel..this is mostly JC blushes.
2nd drawer: Smashbox rapture palette, Tarte A-list, NYX palettes, NARS palettes, TF neutral palette
3rd drawer: UD BOS 1 and 2, Claire's Icing palette, EL palette,Sleek palettes, Px palette. I'm missing a EL blush palette from here
NExt to my monitor I have a mesh organizer. This holds liners for the most part, some nail stuff. mascara, and scissors. It also has my powder and mirror in it currently. I have a lighter there, but don't worry, I don't smoke...it's there from when I depotted a HIP duo
Above my monitor sits this acrylic organizer I found at Big Lots for $2. It holds my MAC lippies and LM stickglosses
My Hello kitty brush holder holds medium handled brushes that would get lost in my regular brush holder
Beneath my bed, I have a set of drawers as well. One holds larger items as well as items that I don't have place for otherwise..and yes...there's a PSP in there...
This box also sits in a cabinet below my bed usually. It contains backup items as well as items that are too pretty for me to touch..
I also have a large Clinique GWP bag full of samples I've accumulated from online orders and swaps..it's somewhat embarassingly large.
My drawer of nail stuff
My drawer of known cast offs: These are to be purged from my stash one way or another. They get no 2nd chance. I have other to be purged items than this, but they're stored with my regular stash for some reason. (I'm not sure why I did it that way). This stuff sits in another room altogether...in a drawer unit from Joann Fabrics...it lives with my art/sewing supplies.


  1. WOW! Love your organization system. Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. I've got to say that's a hell of a lot of makeup! :)

  3. wow!!! amazing!! that's a whole lotta makeup! I also saw a kitty sneaking into the picture with your brushes LOL! so cute! My organization system is a little messier just cuz I don't have as much room >.< maybe one day I could do a post on that too!

  4. I have just discovered your blog and it's fantastic. You have really great stuff there. :)

  5. Wow no doubt this is a huge collection! I would love to have so many chanel lipglosses....

  6. lol..you should see my friend's collection of glossimers..she has like 50 of them...