Thursday, November 26, 2009

Diamond Cosmetics Haul and NOTD DC Cherry Tobacco

How's everyone's Thanksgiving weekend going? I got my Diamond Cosmetics order a couple days ago. Diamond Cosmetics is a small brand that carries a small line of polish and makeup online. Their polish retails between $1-$3 with the majority of them being priced at $2. Unfortunately, they didn't package too well and one of the polishes I ordered came beheaded, making a rather huge mess inside the package and 4 polishes not including the broken one stuck to the box. Luckily, they have great CS and they told me that they'd resend my order to me at no cost to me.

These were the ones that easily survived:These were the ones I salvaged after a little more than an hour involving scissors, tweezers, felt, and a lot of nail polish remover.
and here's my NOTD involving Cherry Tobacco. This was after almost 2 days of there's some dullness and minor tipwear. Please excuse the lint on my nail and the unmanaged cuticles..I've been lazy and the weather is dry. Cherry Tobacco is a really pretty dark brown shade with a lot of deep red shimmer. In sunlight it shines a deep vampy red, while indoors, it is more of a chocolaty color. It's a very nice, unique color imo and well worth the $2 it cost. It's nice and opaque and applies without problems. The formula dries very fast. I used 2 coats

I already changed my mani to Sitka Sable, so you can expect pictures of that tomorrow


  1. Ooh, very pretty! Man, once I tried to make a Diamond Cosmetics order and I just wanted EVERYTHING LOL.

  2. I love that color! Yeah, once a nail polish bottle legit EXPLODED in my bag. nasty. I had to throw the bag out.