Monday, November 23, 2009

Global Goddess Blushes and Bronzer

I'm finally awake during the day so I thought I'd put myself back on track by swatching my Global Goddess Cheek products as I promised you guys months ago. Global Goddess is a line mostly intended for women of color; it's meant to match middle eastern and Indian skin tones, as well as darker ladies. There are 3 blushes in the Global Goddess line;
Mirik- a peach colored blush, matte
Chowrasta- light pink. There's no shimmer to this, but it still manages to be slightly glowy
Sattva- matte plum

Despite looking somewhat scary in the pan, all 3 are sheer and look nice and natural applied with a blush brush

The bronzer is 3 colored and has a pattern stamped on top in a shimmer overspray. The overspray is very sparkly and was dusted off before I used it. It is eye safe and can also be used as eyeshadow. It's not a bronzer I'd normally choose though; on my face it's just a slight golden glow. It's really nice, but strikes me as more of a highlighter than a bronzer on my skin. On lighter skin tones I'd imagine it might be nice as a bronzer
Here are the swatches of all 4 products. I had to layer these several times to get them this camera, unfortunately doesn't like picking up anything subtle. They're much more natural looking when applied to the face, b ut easily layered depending on your skin tone. I wouldn't particularly recommend Chowrasta on darker skin tones or Sattva on really light skin tones, but all 3 are quite nice.


  1. omggg the sattva blush is so pigmented. I wonder how anyone would pull that off

  2. I layered it a few times on my's nowhere near as bad on my

  3. omg these look fab! where would they be available in the uk?