Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great finds at Ross, TJ Maxx and Rite Aid, OPI Merry Midnight and ORLY Pixie Dust

I went to Ross today and found a couple of great Color Club sets for $7.99 each. I got the Glitter Vixen Set, which contains a set of 7 glitter polishes, and the Dance with the Musique collection.

The colors in the Glitter Vixen Set are:
Sex Symbol- Silver glitter
Magic Attraction- Silver Holographic glitter
Sultry Diva- gold glitter
Art of Seduction- red glitter
Sexy Siren- blue glitter
Object of Envy- green glitter
Tru Passion- lightish purple glitter
All of these colors are basically different colored glitters in a clear base

The colors in the Dance with the Musque set are :
Feel the Beat- shimmery red-orange
Velvet Rope-
pink based red with slight gold microshimmer throughout
Slow Jam- maroon, coppery microshimmer
Electronica- blue based purple with violet-pink shimmer throughout. I totally bought this set because of this color alone..though the other colors in the set are nice
Groove Thang- black based purple with purple shimmer
After Hours- Dark grey with silver shimmer throughout
and a clear topcoat

From TJ Maxx I picked up a Barielle Nail brightener for $3.99, which appears to be a sheer white pearlescent polish in the bottle, as well as 2 Essie polishes for $4 each in Looking for Love and Great expectations. Then I went next door to Rite ait where they had these cutte little snowman polishes for the holidays. I picked one up in a gold color with holographic shimmer in it, and amangenta-purple one with lots of holographic glitter in it for $1.99 each.

I also have a couple NOTD swatches for you guys...First up is Today's NOTD which is ORLY Pixie Dust. It's a nice, slightly bluish grey that looks a lot like a creme with a lot of silver microglitter dispersed throughout it. I'm pretty happy with the color and application of this one.
The picture below is a bit warm...The second one was my NOTD from a couple days ago. This one's OPI MErry Midnight, which is a nice dark violet color with a lot of lighter violet flakies in it. This polish is beautiful and no camera comes close to doing this color justice...


  1. Wow, I'm going to have to go stalk my Ross now! I positively adore Merry Midnight - I couldn't get pictures that really do it justice either - it is soooo gorgeous in person though. =)

  2. yeah..I was pretty excited when I found them at Ross..Some other people have said that they found a neon set as well, but I didn't see it at mine.

  3. I was there the other day, and saw the neon set and the glittery Vixen set. I liked the glitter set, but didn't buy it because I only liked half the colors, and I might phase out of glittery polishes.