Saturday, February 12, 2011

Guerlain G Serie Noire

After seeing post after post about this blush, I felt that I had to have it. Unfortunately, my local counter was sold out of this, and I was told that it was completely sold out in the Nordstrom network. Of course, when it popped up on Sephora's site, I quickly plopped down the ridiculous amount of money that this blush was to cost me.

When the blush did arrive, I was completely underwhelmed by it due to the gold shimmer that was laced so strongly throughout its entire surface. Revisiting the swatches I'd seen on various other blogs, I was even more disheartened by it's comparison to blushes such as NARS Orgasm, which I had hated for it's gold sheen, as well as the overall shimmer in each shade. I was sorely tempted to take this blush back to Sephora without even trying it; however, it was still getting rave reviews online. I decided to suck it up and give this blush a whirl before I made my final decision; so taking my favorite R&R blush brush, I carefully ran my brush through all 4 colors and applied it to my face.

Sadly for my wallet, I found that I rather like this blush. I think that it's comparison to Orgasm, Deep Throat, and other peachy-pink blushes is a bit of a sad generalization about this blush as it does not even begin to describe this blush. While it's true that running your brush through all 4 colors will create a shimmery peachy pink blush, it does not have the gold sheen that Orgasm does (or it's sheerness), or is even quite as strong a shimmer as Deep Throat (though I could be wrong on this one). Plus with the way this blush is striped, you could make it as pink, peach, or coral colored on your face as you'd like. To me, this says that it is mutiple blush colors in one, making it my blush pick for the spring (though I'm not sure I could bring myself to travel with this's far too pricey for me to want to tote it anywhere past the safety of my own home. I'm fairly excited to see what the summer blush will look like when it comes out.

I chose not to swatch this blush as I can't bring myself to wreck the G emblazoned throughout the surface of the blush, but decided instead to share my thoughts with you ladies on this blush. My honest opinion is to pick up this blush if you find one. It's well worth the splurge if you can afford it.

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  1. What a beautifully written post! I look forward to getting it myself at duty-free.