Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

To replace the old Aqualumiere line, Chanel has come out with a new line of lipsticks called the Rouge Coco Shine, which is set to come out in early April. However, a few counters did a pre-release of a single shade from this line, Boy, which I was lucky enough to be able to pick up yesterday from my local Chanel counter. A few weeks ago, my favorite Chanel SA had flagged me down when she saw me walking by and basically strongarmed me into buying this lipstick, telling me that this is the only lipstick I will want to own after this, because it would become my every day color. I was a little skeptical of this, but as my SA is generally prone to keeping me from buying things, and because I did not yet own a Chanel lipstick, I relented and preordered one, despite her insisting that I should get more than one.
I am generally not a lipstick girl, but I have found myself a very happy girl with this new lipstick. Chanel Boy is a sheer mauvey, slightly cool toned pink with multidimensional shimmer, making it similar to a gloss on the lips, but not quite as shiny (although it is still fairly shiny on the lips). It reminds me a lot of a cross between a MAC Lustre and the old slimshines actually (The sheerness of a lustre with the shine from the slimshine). However, it's not drying and better lasting than a Lustre, and has a much smoother finish to it. It's wonderful and emolient on the lips and so far today I've only had to reapply twice (once after eating lunch, and once more just now) With the exception of lunch (because what's really going to last past my sushi and a quick makeout session anyways?), my other try lasted quite long; at the 5 hour mark there was a bit of color left on my lips, though the shine was gone. Then again I had taken a 1.5 hour food coma induced nap after my lunch date, so it could have attributed to the lasting power of my lipstick.

This is more pigmented in real life, but the picture gives a nice idea of the finish of the lipstick. I'm fairly certain that I will be picking up the other colors in this line when they come out in April; given that I have the funds to do so.

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