Friday, May 14, 2010

Ulta Professional Glam Goth Set

As I was at the checkout counter at Ulta, I spied, with my little eyes..a set of 5 beautiful mini polishes for $9.95. Eagerly, I snatched up one of the sets and set it down on the counter in front of a the sales associate who was already staring at me like I was completely crazy. Happy with my purchases, I wandered home to swatch myself these 5 beautiful treasures I had just acquired.

For Bitten...magenta/orange duochromatic microglitter in a black base. Absolutely beautiful to me and as far as I know, unique. microglitter in a black base. Not horribly unique, but still pretty. It's more blue in person, but my camera refused to cooperate.
After hours..shimmery deep purple polish. This one bores me doesn't glow at all..and didn't seem to get super shiny for me even after a coat of top coat. It's less blue than this in person.
Black Lace..deep grey cream. You may notice some shimmer on my nails if you click for the ful sized pic..but that's just from tainted top coat filled with the shimmer from other polishes.

Speaking of tainted is Tainted Love, the winner of the collection. This one looked a little meh for me in the bottle, but I instantly fell in love with this one when I applied it. It's a beautiful green with gold sprinkled throughout. Pictures don't do this one justice.

Application on all of these was easy. The brush on these is decently wide and quickly covers the nail smoothly. All of these were 3 thin coats of polish, which dried down fully very quickly. I'm very pleased with this set and highly recommend it. I believe that the set is Limited Edition, so if these appeal to out to your local Ulta and snag yourself a set or two.


  1. I love these! Gorgeous swatches. I'm curious - is the grey creme at all dupey to OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees? Or is SSitP darker than that? (I only recently bought SSitP so I haven't tried it on yet.)

  2. I don't own that one so I can't really compare them...sorry

  3. linked back to you on my blog

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I want that set!!!! Great pix!

  5. mm i loving your swatches.. must get better at them.. so i can post a

    i want black lace now!!