Thursday, May 13, 2010

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

I started taking Kendo on Tuesday and unfortunately, quickly realized that long nails were not going to work out with the sport (and it suddenly made sense to me as to why I spent many years in high school and college not polishing my nails...long nails didn't make sense...and I preferred painting them when they were longer). So last night, I cut them down to nubbins..but not before swatching up a bunch of colors. (I ended up skipping Kendo tonight due to illness now I'm wishing I had waited until the weekend) I actually swatched the OPI Shrek Collection the same day as the Milani Liquid Metals the coloring's not too perfect on a couple of these as I'm still figuring out the best way to get pictures under the OTTlite. All of these were fairly easy to apply and had a nice self leveling bit to them, so unevenness was not an issue. I may not have let the polish dry enough between layers, which may have resulted in more coats than necessary on a few of these, but I found these fairly easy to work with.

Funky Dunkey; a rich purple cream that's not quite as blue as it appears on my monitor screen. This one was 3 thin coats, no topcoat.

Ogre the Top Blue; This one should be a bit bluer, more vibrant than what shows up here. It was also an easy 3 coats. It doesn't strike me as a particularly unique color, but it's still cute.
What's With The Cattitude? Pastel Blue Cream...nothing too exciting. This one took 4 thin coats. I'm not sure pastel blue goes with this name, but whatever.
Rumple's Wiggin'. Pastel purple cream..there's been a lot of of these popping up this season. This was also 4 thin coats, with topcoat
Fiercely Fiona. I've been really into yellows this year and I'm glad OPI came out with a unique one like this. It's got a slight green tinge to it. This is also 4 coats with topcoat.
Who The Shrek Are You? is a bright light green color similar to that of Shrek's skintone.
This was also 4 thin coats.

Overall, the collection's okay, though not stellar. I'm just a bit bored with creams, since there's been so many released this year. I'm ready for something more fun now. I will give OPI a thumbs up for not adding a pink or red to this collection though.

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  1. I've been seriously contemplating getting the miggie set of these. I'm not sure if I will or not. I'm not over creams yet, so maybe....

    Thanks for your review. The colors look great on you.