Monday, March 1, 2010

New mini set at Icing, Sally's extra 50% off Clearance Sale, and China Glaze Lemon Fizz

There's 3 topics today...the first being the new set of polishes Icing has available for Spring. It's a nice collection of pastel creme-like polishes with peachy pink shimmer. I find them kind of exciting, and will be slowly swatching them soon (the new Maybellines will probably come first..I'm wearing 2 of them right now, though one's on my toes and therefore won't Anyways, the minis are 12 ml each, which is a pretty decent size for minis. (a full sized China Glaze is 14 ml, for reference). The set retails for $16, but Icing always has their buy one get one 50% off deal going, so you can always pick up a different, 2nd set of minis for $8, or one of their other polishes. They've also got a lot of nice colors on clearance right now too, so it's worth making a trip if you have an Icing's nearby. I'm a pretty big fan of Icing polishes, the brushes are pretty wide, so I find them easy to use, and I've liked the formula on all the ones I've tried so far.

Secondly, if you didn't already know, Sally's is having a sale right now where you can take an additional 50% off clearance items. It's a pretty sweet deal, I picked up 4 China Glaze polishes (pictured below) as well as a set of travel sized bottles, and Orly Twilight (not pictured), which was only $0.99! Depending on your Sally's stock will vary of course. By the way, all of the China Glazes I picked up were under $2 :]
Here's my NOTD with China Glaze stroll. It's indoor lighting because I didn't get a chance to take a picture during the day and I promised I'd swatch Lemon Fizz...It's a bit darker rl than pictured here, but you can see the cool finish of the polish. (My skintone's also not that color, though there's a difference in color between my two monitors so what you see may differ)
And as promised, here's Lemon Fizz. This is 3 coats, mostly because I wasn't too careful in the application after a certain mishap, (you'll see it later) I actually like this color way more than I expected to, though I still feel like the polish was never fully even. It's not to a really noticeable extent, but unfortunately, working in inspection for a period of time has made me overly observant to tiny defects and it will bug me from time to time.
This polish has a pretty unique quality to in it seems to attract other living you see my cat sneaking up on it...
And when I was applying it the first time, this little guy decided to fly into my nails, he got his legs stuck in, managed to pull them free, but still fell over and died on my nail halfway through my 2nd coat on my right thumb (and yes, I definitely make thicker coats on my thumbs, since I have trouble with thin ones on those fingers..haha). How's that for 3D art though? (I removed it of course, and started over, since I messed up a lot of fingers taking a pic of this)
Anyways, tomorrow I'll start posting my polish stash bit by bit. I know when I polled you guys you wanted to see both my polish stash and makeup stash together, but with the way I'm doing the pictures, it's not really feasible (the page would never load)


  1. o man lemon fizz is gorgeous! I think I may need to get this one for spring.

  2. Wow, I need lemon fizz now, hopefully it will stay bug free though! Thanks so much for posting :)

  3. Is the sale still going on right now? I mean I was at Sally on Saturday, didn't see anything. And all these 4 China Glaze bottles are on clearance? Lucky you :-)

  4. was still going on Sat. when I went to both of the Sally's by me. Are you overseas by any chance?