Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybelline Spring 2010 " Sweet Thing" Collection Polish Swatches

I chopped my nails down yesterday...figures that the sun would come out of hiding today...either way I took the chance to swatch the rest of my new Maybellines from their Spring collection "Sweet Thing" (Thanks kali) There were a couple that I had worn as full manis while my nails were longer, so here they are first.

Minty--4 coats--sun
No sun
Minty is my favorite from this collection. I know I own maybe 15? mint greens by now, but all of them have managed to be different enough for me to keep all of them. The formula's not my favorite to work with, it took me 4 coats because I wasn't careful enough and wound up with an uneven look at 3..unfortunately I felt the color was worth the trouble and am therefore keeping it.

Goody Plum Drop-3 coats...both pics no sun

I used thicker coats than I usually do on this one. Goody Plum Drop is a light purple with white pearly shimmer in it. It came out just a smidge bluer in pics I think. I'm not sure how well you see the shimmer on my nail in these pics, but you can definitely see it on the bottle. Formula also wasn't fun on this one. I also didn't play well with my went lumpy under the surface after it dried.

From here on out come short nails and dry skin..sorry. I'm not really used to just swatching polishes..I usually like to wear them as full manis..and my final cleanup is usually done in the shower.

Sweetie Pie--4 coats
Probably my second favorite out of the bunch...Sweetie Pie is supposed to be a MAC Seasonal Peach dupe. I don't own Seasonal Peach so I wouldn't know. I think it's a cute peachy color though. It wasn't too difficult to work with, but then again there's less nail to that might be it.

Pie in the Sky-3 coats
The easiest out of the 5 to work with for me...but again..short nails. Pie in the Sky is nearly identical to Orly Snowcone. I swatched them next to each other, but the pictures didn't come out well enough to the point that i was satisfied with (the sun was disappearing on me). Pie in the Sky is ever so slightly lighter than Snowcone, but you really have to stare at it and know they're different. Snowcone has a much better formula could get away with 1 coat of Snowcone if you were careful...though I prefer the look of 2. I usually don't care too much if I have dupes if it's a color I like..but I pretty much paid 2x more for the Maybeline than I did for the it's going back.

Bubble Pink-4 coats
My least favorite out of the 5 I bought. I'm not sure why I thought this color would be passable on's pretty awful. It's not as bad in the sun or in pictures, but it's garish looking on my skintone in indoor lighting. I also hated the never quite evened out. I'm pretty sure I picked up other similar colors from the other spring collections...though they're not the same so there's some wishful thinking right now on my part that they'll somehow be better.

lol...anyone else notice I got the year wrong too? XP


  1. What pretty colours! I especially like Minty. I'm all about these kinds of colours lately.

  2. This is from the "Sweet Thing" collection! =)

  3. Very pretty ;) that peachy one is so pretty :D

  4. request! could you please make a post about how you take care of your nails and how you get your manicures to look so nice and neat? i would love your expert advice! thanks :)