Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some Up and Aways

I bought the entire China Glaze Up and Away collection, but I've been slow to wear them. (I've only worn 4 so far..unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of Four Leaf Clover). It's like 6 am and I can't seem to go back to sleep, so here's the other 3 I've tried.

First up is Angry Go Boom...
Did I say Angry Go Boom? Sorry, I meant Happy go Lucky. It's a bright-ish yellow creme that's an absolute nightmare to's a streaky mess, even at 3 coats. I smoothed it out with topcoat though, so the end result was fine.
I've already kind of posted pics of Light as Air, but here it is on its own. Despite being very light, I still like it. I believe this is 3 coats, though it's opaque at 2. Formula was easier to work with than Happy go Lucky.

Heli-yum is a decently bright raspberry creme. I kind of like it, despite it being pink. This was 2 coats, and is the easiest to apply ou of the 4 I've tried so far.
Indoors, indirect natural light. I couldn't quite get the color to show the way I wanted it to. It's probably due to the fact that by the time came out it was starting to set.
Bonus pic...because she's cute...


  1. Great swatches :) I looovveee Happy-go-Lucky, and mine wasn't streaky, it went on smoothly with only 2 coats, hmm...

    Did you buy Lemon fizz? I've been lemming that one badly :(

  2. Yes, I have Lemon Fizz. Did you want to see swatches of it?

  3. Yes!!! I love yellows :) My application skills aren't the greatest, but I've learned a lot from lurking.

  4. Ok, I'll add it to this post this weekend. :]