Monday, October 10, 2011

Chanel Holiday 2011--Beige Lame Single

Chanel Beige Lame

I've been a bit MIA for a while, but I've decided to tentatively wiggle myself back into blogging now that I have the time for it. My local Chanel counter just got in the holiday collection so I wandered in to check this out, since there's been some buzz on the new highlighter they're releasing with the collection. Luckily for my wallet, I didn't find it that interesting; the shimmer is just an overspray on the highlighter. After the overspray is rubbed off, it's sort of just a satiny texture, and while I like subtle highlighters, this one was just a little TOO subtle for me to want to shell out the money for it. Originally, I had also been interested in the gold single, as the gold used on the model in the promo pics was gorgeous, but it turned out to be far too yellow for my liking. The beige lip gloss was very nice, kind of a pinky beige, but I left it alone for now. (I may go back for it later though). What I did come home with, was the single eyeshadow in Beige Lame.

Beige Lame is a dark, warmish beige with multicolor sparkle. The texture is similar to Fauve, which was released in the previous collection, but instead of silver sparkles, you get multicolor sparkles. The shadow is not quite as sparkly on my lids/arm as they are in the pan, but you still get some.
Closeup of the sparkles...yummy!

Swatched on my arm, mix of natural lighting and OTT light, no base

OVerall, I really like this single, but the price tag is pretty hefty for the color itself ($28.50 pretax). I don't feel like the base color is all that unique, but I do like the multi-color shimmer that this shadow has, so I'm thinking I'll keep it in my stash.

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