Saturday, October 15, 2011

Burberry Blushes

I've recently (OK, maybe not so recently) become obsessed with Burberry's blushes. They're smooth, blend beautifully, and all of them are great, wearable colors. If you love super bright blushes, this probably isn't the line for you, but if you love blushes that give you a great, sophisticated, and natural glow, these are great for that. I've found every shade wearable, especially for my light/light-medium skin.

Rose is a bright-ish warm pink with a mild amount of warm pink shimmer. It's probably the brightest of the 8 blushes. It's not a horribly unique color, but it's really cute on the cheeks.
Cameo is a matte pink with mauvey tones to it.
Misty is a light, matte pink. I think anyone darker than the 20-25 range may have trouble getting this one to show up.
Peony is another light matte pink. It's similar to Misty, but it's a bit warmer and shows up just a bit better on me that Misty, but not by much.

Blossom is a warm coral pink with understated silver shimmer. It's nice and glowy on the cheeks, instead of frosty. find it a bit warmer in person than it appears on my monitor.
Russet is a orange-brown shade with shimmer. I don't see this working too well on light, cool skin, but probably looks nice on warmer skin tones.
Tangerine is a matte, peachy shade with some brown to it. It's not quite as brown as it is in this photo, it's closer to what's pictured in the first picture. It was my first Burberry blush, and I'm quite fond of it.
Earthy is a warm taupe. I like to use it for some light contouring, but on cooler skintones, this one will probably be closer to tan.


  1. Holy cow! Are they really worth the price tag? I've shied away from trying the Burberry line at all since I don't want to fall in love as it's so expensive!

  2. I liked them enough to own all 8, but I'm on the crazy side. If you like Chanel Joues Contraste blushes, you'll probably like the Burberry as well. They're definitely a nice splurge, and I think it's worth owning at least 1 (or 2)