Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SoHo de Chanel: Stupendous

I caved and bought the quad from Chanel's Soho collection after seeing pictures of this baby. I was worried that it might be too similar to my Mystic Eyes quad, but it's different enough that I felt like it was worth keeping. (It might just be the Chanel ho in me though) 3/4 shades are very light, and while I was initially dissapointed that the taupe shade was too light, I actually like the sort of understated look this quad gives me. The quality of the quad is Chanel's usual smooth buttery goodness, and I certainly like this quad a lot more than Tentation Cuivre, which I picked up around the same time. I feel that this quad would look gorgeous on someone who is very fair though, so if you fall into that category, it may be worth looking into. It's not a must have though, so if you do happen to miss out on this one, don't feel too bad about it.

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