Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chanel Holiday 2010 Tentation Cuivre quad

Hello! Today's topic is the quad from Chanel's Holiday 2010 collection, Tentation Cuivre. Unlike quads that were previously released in the US, this quad is baked like the European quads. Truth be told, I'm not a fan of baked cosmetics, and this quad is not the exception. While it is fairly pigmented, I feel like the application just doesn't match up to Chanel's usual quality. The US quads are usually very smooth and apply like a dream, but the baked quads just don't give me that impression. I felt like I had to work with it a bit to get it smooth looking on the lids.
The quad contains 4 neutral, rather sparkly shades. While I say that these shades are sparkly, I don't mean that they are sparkly in the glittery sense. Chanel has an interesting way of making things sparkly without the use of glitter. The sparkle is closer to large shimmer particles. However, on my lids, the sparkle doesn't particularly show up, and the shades do fall a bit flat. I don't have a strong opinion on this quad going either way, so if you're on the fence on this quad, I'd say that it's okay to skip this quad altogether this season.

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  1. I recently did a review of the one chanel quad that I have, in beiges velours and I found it not up to par of what I thought Chanel would be, it wasn't very pigmented, but I guess they aim more for a natural look vs very dramatic. This quad looks pretty, I prefer the look of the round eyeshadow pans.