Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh look, an award!

Musicalhouses from Of Faces and Fingers was kind enough to name me for an award. (Thank you!) Apparently the award comes with a couple of rules; that you have to write 7 things about yourself and tag 7 more here goes.

Useless facts about me:
1. Except for my stash of makeup and polish, I'm a pretty big tomboy.

2. I'm addicted to color, but you'd never figure this looking at my face and previous obsession before makeup and polish was art supplies...all of which go untouched now.

3. Video games>>makeup. I will forego buying makeup I want if there's a game I really want, though I keep up with makeup collections more than game releases, so it's a rare occasion.

4. I lack the hand-eye coordination usually required for gaming...oops.

5. I'm more of a dog person than a cat person..I actually disliked cats for the longest period of time.

6. Wood shop was my favorite class in school. (Followed by Neurobio)

7. Martial arts are the only "sport" I enjoy.

Here are my nominations (no particular order)

1. Scrangie - her perfect nails fuel my lemmings
2. The Gloss Menagerie - Aly's a great writer..I enjoy reading her blog when I actually do
3. My Makeup Reviews- Jojoba takes great pics and swatches of stuff
4. The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself- Karla is amazing for how much swatching she does
5. The Swatchoholic - her nails are gorgeous and very creative!
6. Dr. Frankenpolish - can you say Woah? Amazing polish creations and a great guide for mixing your own colors
7. The Beauty Look Book - great swatches and comparisons and all around awesome :]


  1. I am definitely a dog person too. I think I'm allergic to cats and well am afriad of them as well :D

  2. I think I'm mildly allergic to my cat as well...she acts like a puppy half the time though and is really laid back so I've become somewhat of a crazy cat lady, but I love large dogs the most