Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A few NOTDs

I apologize for my complete lack of makeup related updates...the weather here has been absolutely awful and there's been almost no sun for weeks, except for a brief peek from time to time which tends to fill my room with a brief flash of blinding light before disappearing again. (It's far too brief for me to do much). Anyways, what little light I get I have been using to slowly take stash pics (which is going much more slowly than anticipated also because I can't seem to get enough polish) Anyways, here's most of my NOTDs since my last posting (I figured that posting a few at a time is easier than doing this day by day, but let me know what you guys think)

I'm going to go in reverse order. Here's what I have on right now; OPI Brand New Skates. This has been in my untrieds since my nail polish stash numbered at like 15 polishes. (basically since this holiday collection was released) I had a mini of this and since mini OPIs are harder to use than the full sized ones, I went ahead and bought a full size of this on Monday. I love gray np so it wasn't a huge dive for me. Anyways, this is actually day 3. I'm testing out a new base coat and so far, so good. I have very minimal tip wear on only 3 fingers..and I am VERY tough on my hands. The formula of this is definitely on the sheer side. This is 4 thin coats, though 3 was decently opaque as well. Brand new skates is a gunmetal gray with what I'd like to think of as gold microflakies. In dim lighting the gold doesn't show up much, but once the sun hits it, the gold shines beautifully. It's definitely a really pretty color.
Next up we have Misa Sorry Just Can't Help it. For some reason every picture I took in natural lighting came out really blue. It really doesn't look like this at all. It's a warm purple cream that's opaque in 2 thin coats (If you prefer doing thick coats, you can probably get this in 1) I did 3 coats out of habit though.
I konaded over it, and this picture is taken in really warm lighting but this picture is more accurate, though the actual color is just a touch cooler than this. This is China Glaze OMG konaded over Misa Sorry Just Can't Help It, with Out the Door Nothern Lights Silver Holographic top coat over it.
Lastly I have Sally Hansen Hi-Def. Hi-def is a great lime green that just glows like it's lit from within. (must be the liquid crystals). There's 3 pics of this just for fun, and to show how well it brings out the green in Zero's eyes. This polish is definitely on the sheer side. This was also 3 coats.

Anyways, that's all for now. Hopefully the sun will come out again soon and I can get a real post in for you guys.

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  1. That's a beautiful green! The Misa one looks better w/ sparkles, in my opinion.