Friday, October 23, 2009

Cargo eyeshadow book- Cargo quads

The second part of this 3 part series is Cargo's color quads. There are a total of 8 quads and each of these retails for $28 and can be found at Sephora. I took pictures and swatched these in indoor natural lighting (though a window) so there may be some variability in the lighting.

London: Overall, this quad isn't something I'd normally buy, though it's nice for me to have as part of this palette nonetheless. This quad contains a dark, matte brown similar to the "outer corner" shade in the warm neutral palette. This shade is a touch greyer than the one in the warm neutral palette on my hand, but on my lids, they're very similar. Next is a slightly frosty yellow beige shade; of the 4 shades in this quad, this one has the softest texture. The purple in this quad is the chalkiest in this quad and is a warm, slightly reddish purple on my skin. If not used carefully, this color comes off bruisey, and it is very easy to give yourself a 'bleack eye' look with this shade. The final shade in this quad is a shimmery brown with olive tones.

Tahiti is probably my 2nd favorite quad in this palette. It's a nice collection of cute, bright summery colors. It contains a light yellow-green, a green, a teal, and a blue. The yellow-green color is the softest texture-wise in this quad and also has the most shimmer. The texture and shimmer on the other 3 are all around the same level.

Bermuda contains another yellow-green shade, that's more muted than the one in Tahiti, a satiny, neutral brown, a bronzy brown shade, and a orangey copper shade. The texture of this quad is nice, and none of the shades are chalky

I actually loved Shanghai less than I expected I would, considering that it contains my favorite type of e/s color: taupe. This quad contais a frosty white, a shimmery beigey peach, a pink with gold sparkle, and a taupe that pulls purple on my skin. Of the 8 quads in my palette, this one has the softest texture

I accidently deleted the picture of Toronto that I was originally going to use, so when I retook this picture, the sun was close to setting, so the lighting for the picture of the quad itself is very cool toned. Nevertheless, Totonto is a collection of blue-greys and a chalky sparkly black shade. Of the 8 quads, I find that Toronto has the worst texture, with the sparkly black being the chalkiest and the shade to the left of it being the softest.

Baja is a quad that contains 2 bronzes, a peach and a frosty pink shade. On my lids, I can't particularly tell the difference between the two bronzes, but I have small lids. The difference is decently clear in the swatch photo though.

Barcelona is my favorite Cargo quad, with two purples, a blue, and a cool toned green.

I was quite ready to love Vienna, but the bronze in this quad is definitely very very warm. PAst that shade, it also contains a shimmery. warm beige, a darker, peachy beigh, and a shimmery blue with slight grey tones.


  1. I LOVE all of these palettes! especially the bronze colors.

  2. They all look so pretty. I really like Vienna - that blue looks gorgeous. Thanks for swatches!