Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cargo Eyeshadow book --Cargo Essential Eye Palettes

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to score an enormous palette off ebay containing the majority of Cargo's eyeshadow quads. I finally got around to swatching it this week so I decided to share the swatches with you guys. The palette itself is an enormous monstrousity measuring 12.25"x 12.25" and is made of cardboard that flips open like a book. There aren't any magnets or anything holding the palette shut. It's a bit unweildly and hard to store, but it was a great value, and contains a ton of colors I wouldn't have thought to buy otherwise (despite loving now). In fact, out of all of Cargo's quads, the only one I ever thought to buy was the cool neutral essential eye palette in Cool neutral.

Here's a ruler comparison of the palette:Here's the palette opened up in warmish indoor lighting without flash:
Here's another pic of the palette open, but with flash. This palette's so big and my room's lighting is so crappy that it was difficult to take really clear pics of the sucker.I'm going to split up the swatches into groups because there were over 30 pics in this swatch set overall, which I think is a bit large for 1 post. I'm also splitting it up because both my laptop and netbook are out of commission, so I have no way of uploading new pics for a while. Pics were taken in cool natural indoor lighting for the most part.

The swatches for this palette may look a bit dry and chalky looking, but I assure you that it isn't an issue so much with the eyeshadows as it was with how dry my skin was when I started swatching. The rest of the photos should be fine after this one. The Warm neutral quad contains a light matte beige, a slightly darker, warmer matte beige, a slightly satiny, warm, light brown, and a darker somewhat satiny darker brown. The first two shades pretty much dissapear on my lids since I'm around NC35 or so right now.
The cool neutral palette is my favorite of the 3 it contains a lightly shimmery beige, a fawn color, a matte taupe, and a darker slightly taupey grey. The crease shade in the giant palette pulls a lot more purple than the original though for some reason. Either way though, it's quite nice.

In this palette the Dark neutral palette is probably the softest texture wise out of the three. IT contains a warm, shimmery beige, a shimmery bronzy gold, a warm brown, and a matte dark brown. It's basically a warm neutral palette for nedium skintones.


  1. WOW! How much did you buy this for?? I really want one.

  2. I prefer single eyeshadows - do you have "Windsor?" I'm looking for a shimmery cream/light beige.