Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Palette

Ok, so I got forced to work downstairs on a computer at work, except I'm all caught up on my work, so here's some swatches for you guys of the TF Natural Eye palette. This palette comes in a box like palette that coses via magnet and has a little pull out drawer with a dual ended sponge applicator in it and 3 look cards tucked into their own pocket in the lid of the palette (which is a GREAT idea..Tarte should take notes on this because I always lose the look cards that come with their palettes) The palette contains 9 shades, with the "base" shades in the palette being like 3-4x the size as the other colors, which is nice, but I personally would have preferred it if the other colors were a bit bigger.

Heaven- a matte light yellowy beige color. It's a nice, all over color, albeit a bit light for my skintone maybe.
Velvet Revolver- matte taupe
Sexpresso- Matte dark brown, the most boring shade in the palette
Silk Teddy- Shimmery peachy pink with gold shimmer
Push-Up- golden bronze color, metallic finish
Erotica-dark grey taupe
Nude Beach- golden peach with LOTS of glitter.
Honey Pot- Gold
Cocoa Puff- warm brown with gold shimmer

Look cards: I've tried 2/3 of these so far and I kind of like both of them. (I've tried Day and Fashion) I had been extremely wary of this palette until I'd tried it, since A Musing of a Muse's rendition of these looks looked quite frosty, but they were fine when I tried them myself. I think the difference was that she used a much heavier hand than I did when applying.
Day is a nice, matte subtle look, though I feel like it's probably meant for lighter skintones. It still works on mine (about NC30 or so) but it's definitely pushing its limits.

The "Classic" look..is a nice bronzey look that I think is kind of nice for summer. It's definitely very metallic and shimmery, but it's not anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. I wouldn't really have called it a classic neutral eye myself, but oh well. Silk Teddy is your standard peachy champagne wash. Depending on how much you apply, it can be a more or less shimmery shade. Push up, when pressed onto the lid as instructed, was a metallic coppery bronze color, While Eriotica is a deep satiny brown.

Fashion was the look that I was the most wary of, because even just looking at Nude Beach in the palette it looks like frosty hell. However, overall, the look was fine, minus Nude beach, which had a ton of glitter in it, which also means that it had a ton of fallout. This is probably the one shade in the palette that will see little or no use, but being able to use 8 out of 9 in a palette isn't too bad.
Honey pot is a really beautiful gold color, and was apparently just the gold I'd been searching for this summer, so I'm really quite happy with it. Cocoa puff is really pretty as well.

So, I bought this palette expecting to hate it and return it instantly, but it looks like this one's staying in my stash, as I can find very little wrong with it. The packaging is a smidge bulky for what it is (because who really needs the sponge applicator, let alone a pull out drawer for it), but overall the shades in the palette are very nice, and I love the sort of "Makeup for Dummies" feel to look cards. I think it's worth the $30 or so I paid for it.

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  1. found your blog while googling for better images of the cards that come with the palette... I really like and appreciate this post! Especially since I so seldom wear makeup. (actually, the blog itself is nicely informative too) :)