Monday, October 24, 2011

Pout Blushes

Today we're making a quick visit into the land of the discontinued as I've swatched the Pout blushes that I currently own. These lovely items retailed for $22 and are a whopping 12g (larger than the R&R blushes, which are 9g). This line is not to be confused with the Pout line that Victoria's Secret carries now. All of the blushes are wonderfully pigmented and blend like a dream. It's truly sad that these were discontinued.

I have 2 pictures for you as I couldn't decide which one I liked better out of the two. Swatches were done in a mix of indirect natural lighting and indoor lighting on bare skin. I used 2 swipes of each just for good measure despite the pigmentation of the blushes.

Blossom Belle is a peach/orange blush that has a lot gold shimmer throughout it. Despite the gold shimmer, it still avoids being frosty on the cheeks
Berry Babe is a red-coral shade with gold shimmer. It doesn't have as much shimmer as Blossom Belle.
Pearly Queen is a pigmented matte warm pink
Cherie Tarte is a matte rose/mauve shade.
Apricot Totty is a gorgeous coral with gold shimmer. It's my favorite out of the 5 that I own and consequently the only one I thought to back up. I did let go of the backup though as I don't imagine I'll ever be able to use these up.

If you can find any of these (eBay, blog sales, swaps) I highly encourage you to pick one up. They're honestly amazing.


  1. These blushes look GORGEOUS! I must keep an eye out for them.

  2. Gorgeous x